Thursday, March 16, 2017

All About me

Looking back through my drafts folder, i found this and decided to update and post it. i can't remember whose blog i copied it from though (and would have been a few years ago now). Enjoy!

5 fascinating facts about me:

i have a nipple piercing and tattoo (both carried out in the same year - yes, i like pain!)
i can raise my eyebrows independently of each other (go on, you try it)
i have large big toes
i have owned a saxophone for 20 years, but have never learnt to play it
i have my very own puppy cage and i don't own a dog

Ten years ago i was:

In a relationship with a man AND a woman,
Searching for something more within a BDSM context
Wishing for a better sex life

7 things i plan to do before i die:

Visit more of America - especially Boston, NY, San Francisco and Canada
Return to New Zealand
Make enough money to do the above.
Write a book.
Have more kinky fun with females
Live by the sea
Learn to play my saxophone

7 things i do now:

Sleep (lots)!
Write for my blog (am trying!)
Masturbate in showers
Enjoy being wined and dined
People watch
Spend time with friends

7 things i won't do:

Wear my 5" heel PVC boots in public (unless at fetish club)
Eat anything cute and furry
Kill a spider
Wear a thong
Needle or knife play
Hurt an animal
Let my past haunt me

7 things that attract me to others:

A cute bum/breasts
Sense of humour
Gorgeous brown eyes
The ability to LISTEN
A sense of fun
Ability to take control (and preferably owns handcuffs).

i won't tag anyone here, but feel free to use it for your own post and amusement for others.

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