Friday, March 20, 2015


With the frenzy of the solar eclipse now over (for the next 11 years anyway), i thought i'd create my own excitement for my star readers ;-)

It's a been long time coming, but here are a couple of images from last year's visit to this girl and Grimly. Their playroom had taken on some new features, such as a cage for naughty pups. It was good to be back, like being nestled into its kinky bosom. 

First off, this girl decided that i needed some discipline and locked me inside the cage. Personally, i think she just wanted to take photos of my rubbered bottom ;-)


It was great to spend some kinky time with her, just the two of us, to explore our mutual admiration for one another. She's my closest kinkiest female friend, but lives so far away and that's a real shame :-/ So the time we do spend together is usually intense, lots of fun and rather productive ;-) 

After i was released from the cage, this girl placed a catwoman style hood on me. It looked real cute and fitted really well. She let me become a kitten for a while - playing with a ball on a string and making me jump up and mew for her pleasure. Then she adorned me with some chains - one of my favourite kinky things. The feel of the cold metal against my skin, especially whilst wearing rubber, can get me very excited and submissive. It's my kink and that's that. 

This girl likes to excite and experiment and that's just fine with me. 

i was truly eclipsed ;-) 


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