Monday, December 22, 2014

Happy 8th Blogaversary!


Wow. Just wow. My blog is 8 years old (yesterday) - can you believe that?!  

It's come such a long way and I've just seen that my last post was in October, so it's being rather neglected at the moment. Not out of choice, just how life is right now. A busy real life that has stopped me from enjoying what I love to indulge in... for now anyway. Don't worry, it's nothing too sinister!

And I'm not sure if anyone is reading me any more, having seen so many other blogs disappear which is very sad, but it's reality I guess. I see very few that have made it to 8 years, so I am rather proud of myself for that. 

The anniversary of when SG first made contact is coming up too (almost a year after my blog began) and that always makes me feel nostalgic as I recall how he got in touch at almost the same time that I had given up with online chat rooms, and I was ready to turn my back on it all. (Maybe my blog had been calling to Him) ;-)

I'm so glad that I didn't ignore His message as these past 8 years I have been the kinkiest, most perverted, horniest, happiest, and above all, the most loved, sub/pup/person and I have to thank SG so much for that. I am TRULY grateful. 

Is there another 8 years in this blog? Who knows... for now, I just have to see where life takes me and SG, and write when I want to and not feel like I have to. So it doesn't feel like a chore but a pleasure, and we're all about that!

I don't suppose there are many people (if any) who have been with my blog the whole time, but now you're here, thanks for reading - there are plenty of old posts to keep you busy and I'm always delighted to receive comments. Enjoy ;-) 


Curvaceous Dee said...

A belated congrats! 8 years is a fantastic achievement :-)

xx Dee

Geetwo said...

Congratulations, pup. Keep going and all the best for Christmas and the New Year to you and SG.


Anonymous said...

I think I've read most of it! But I think there should be more sexy pictures of you here. Yes. ;)

azra sevda said...

Belated Congratulations pup! 8 years is nothing to bark at. teehee Happy New Year to you and yours! And yes, I still read you!!!!!

blossom said...

yep still peek in from time to time pup...smiles...happy New Year to you and SG

blossom xx