Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Flirting: Chilled

It's not the weather for wearing much, is it? ;-)

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Strap On!

SG and i had the great honour of visiting this girl and Grimly again recently for a long overdue catch up, playroom session and road trip to an incredible ice cream parlour!

We had worked out that it had been well over a year since seeing either of them and even longer than that since our debut kink session in their fantastic play room.  And it was definitely worth the wait.

i took my newest item of rubber with me - a Libidex catsuit. SG bought it for me in their rare seasonal shop sale. It's smoky grey and semi-translucent. When i saw it on the rail, i fell in love but wasn't sure on the size. i took the plunge to try it on in a pop-up tent in the communal changing room (cos i iz shy pup). It was quite tricky trying to work out whether it looked ok or not. i know i made the right decision as it fits really well. 

It didn't take long before SG and this girl had strapped me securely against the wall (a la Lara Croft) along with a rubber hood and blindfold too. i felt the coldness of a metal collar placed around my neck with the addition of chains to stop me moving even more. i felt hands stroking and teasing me. The experience was pretty intense as it had been quite a while since i'd felt that level of bondage. The hood, collar and blindfold were removed after a time and replaced with a gas mask.


SG, adorned in his newest rubber too, decided to try a bubbler bottle through a tube to His gas mask - a new experience for Him. It was funny hearing His gurgles and does make for a great photo.

After a time, it was decided i should be released from my bonds and turn our attention on SG.

The evening before, we met up with their friends, J and her partner from Bound In Latex for dinner. They invited us back to their house to see their play space (they have a lot of stuff!) and we borrowed a couple of interesting outfits... and SG was keen to experience them.

A neoprene sleep sack was laid out on the table, awaiting its victim, i mean, guest. It looked really cool and i decided i wanted to try it out too before we left. It was good to see SG road test it first, and He was very eager to get Himself encased in a new material. It felt really soft (smelt a bit strange!) and looked rather cosy (but kinky). Something to invest in for the future, i'm sure.

SG slid Himself down inside the sleep sack with my and this girl's help, and restrained Him with some leather straps, and we watched as He revelled in its enclosure.  He said it felt really good and also then wanted to try on the matching neoprene hood to get the full effect. How could we refuse?!

SG drifted off into neoprene space (He tells me He doesn't ever experience subspace), so this girl and i just had to entertain ourselves...

What more can i say, except that she makes a good cuppa ;-) 

And there was still more fun to be had the next day...