Monday, January 06, 2014

Happy New Rear!

You did read that right.

I do think this could be the experimental year for us. New things - be it toys, places or people that we've not explored yet - are on the horizon.

And i've just taken the first step... in loving my ass!

There's these silicon butt plugs i've had for a while now. There are 3 of them and one has been used a few times in the past - this obviously was the smallest of the 3 - and it was fine. The middle size plug has also been used some while ago i guess, but in relation to its smaller brother, it's a fair size bigger and, as i recall, rather filling. And then there's the big daddy which has never been anywhere near me... until now. 

Nice tiles, huh?: 

Not sure why, but the urge to try them came as i took a hot bath this morning and i wanted to experiment to see what they would feel like again. 

Anal sex is actually something that excites me, even though SG and i have never been down THAT alley. We've briefly talked about it, but never gone through with it. Shocked to hear that? Maybe you might be when you read through my blog at all the other things we do. 

So, mission anal was put into place, so to speak, after feeling fresh and horny from my bath. i excited myself further by wearing my rubber Westward Bound crossover bra top that fits tightly across my chest. 

I was actually only going to play with the middle size plug, or so i thought, and began to slide the lubricated toy into my ass. It slid in very smoothly and felt good. i slowly inserted it all the way inside and then teased myself with quick tugs and pushes. My excitement built as i turned and twisted my body into different positions. 

But there was something missing. i didn't want to touch my pussy - not yet anyway - the lure of the big daddy plug was calling me. i wanted to feel even more filled, as if it were SG pushing Himself inside me. If we were going to try it one day, i needed to replicate what it might be like and the larger plug would definitely help. 

And then there it was in my hand, glistening and lubricated, ready to go where it had never gone before. The tip was in and even that felt a lot, but i took my time and edged it halfway inside. By this point, i could feel my pussy throbbing, but again, i left her alone to concentrate on the task ahead. 

The plug was fairly deep inside me now, with its width filling me up. It felt quite different but good and, as i tried to insert its whole length, i began to feel slight pain and i decided to stop there as i didn't want to spoil such pleasure (yes, i know i'm still a masochist!) 

With my pussy aching for attention, i succumbed to her needs and within just a few minutes, gave up a yummy climax. Her denial had been so worth it and i'm looking forward to experiencing it all again... with SG's help maybe next time.  

Watch this space.... 

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