Friday, September 06, 2013

The Brighton Buzz

It gives me great pleasure to publish this wonderful blog post from our friends, Tanjian and Bounty, who we were honoured to meet after some time (it could be years), from being friends on Fetlife to then experiencing the Brighton Fetish Weekend together. This is Tanjian's take on this historic event. 

Occasionally in this wonderful, wonderful scene you meet people you really click with and a great night is had by all......  

And on that note.... 

Both Bounty and myself have messaged the beguiling and beautiful SGs_pup and singleglove1971 for some time. In many ways their wonderment and enthusiasm for the scene was very catchy and revitalised the current stance we inhabit. We have always remained bemused that despite having a very revealing and horny profile on both Rubberpal and Fetlife, they had rarely ventured out to a club. We said that if they were ever in the sandy climes of Brighton, to look us up. True to their word, they did.
We already faced a dilemma as we had been invited to a wedding reception the same day. Two things were apparent, first, we love to support the scene in Brighton and Hove and was the dynamic duo, wasn't it? The choice was easy to make, but the fabrication of a convincing lie was a bit heavy.
Both pup and singleglove made good time and we alighted at a nearby pub for drinks, which became dinner. We promised the next time these guys are down, we would take them to another nice Brightonian eatery. Moreover, it was nice to see the peeps behind the hoods and masks, something which we were very privileged to witness, truth be told. Oh........they are good looking *uckers too. We hated them.
Meeting later at the club, the size and heat was amplified by the number of people there. H Bar is a comparatively small and the event was very well attended. pup looked resplendent in a striped latex outfit comprising of a very snug fitting top, flouncey skirt and scandalous boots. Singleglove was rocking the look in a black rubber catsuit and was pacing himself as he was still in his jeans. Bounty did comment on this rather saucily and also made a note of what she'd later do to him.
What followed was the ritual of lubing up with Pjur which I began to pour on Bounty, only for the delectable, Amazonian, Red Corrupter offer to start and finish the job. It was not a hard time, watching Red so obviously slick Bounty so purposefully and sensually and had a hint of the surreal too. I think Red has a foot and a quarter on petite Bounty and she had to lift her onto the stage so they were level for a snog. It was terrible, so terrible to watch. We proffered the bottle of Pjur to pup and singleglove to shine up, but ever the polite, they only took a few squirts!
Many of our friends from Fetlife were there and although I offered introductions for our guests, it seemed that their reputation proceeded them. Many Fetlifers nodded in recognition. Testament to their superb profiles and blogs, you could say.
I had catastrophised a little with our guests a few days before hand, telling them that Brighton Clubs differ greatly from the wider scene in London. However this was groundless, as each time we looked over, they looked very happy and were enjoying the sights, sounds and smells!
It was then time to get singleglove stripped and amidst a cacophony of us three shouting 'Off! Off! Off!' he brazenly stepped out of his strides and did the full rubber thing. As well as the admiring glances of Bounty and pup, he was unaware of the other smiles and nods of respect at his display. Moreover, he looked like he was having the time of his life.

                Bounty getting buzzed

Two very sexy striptease shows later, we found a quiet-ish space and began to use the Violet Wand. Bounty responded very quickly and was already edging into sub-space. Many thanks to singleglove for his attention to our play and also deterring several oiks who were trying to crash the scene. For two people who have only attended a few fetish clubs, they were extremely savvy of etiquette and play, just the friends you need on the scene, really. We did offer weapons to our guests who had a brief and fitting play. Space and etiquette was at a premium and hopefully if we ever get up to this again, time, space and clientele will suit.

                   Let's rake it, baby 

As the evening wore on, I pulled Bounty to a spanking bench, just in time for pup and singleglove to bid us goodbye.
They were totally buzzing and breathlessly said they were returning to their hotel room, eyes moist and darting, smiles touching their lips. It was a great end to an evening and we are very familiar with that look couples have. Bounty was slurring her words and stumbling as we left the club. Having had only two beers, she was deeply in the zone and doing her best to get in the car.
As we found our keys, a beautiful lady on the street, observing our attire, stopped dead, her hands on her hips and purred at us;
‘’Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh.......where are you two going?’’
‘’For more of the same!’’ laughed Bounty.
Thank you SGs_pup and singleglove for a sublime time.
We are so glad we threw that wedding!

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What a wonderful blog. I'm just entering the online BDSM world, and look forward to reading more.