Sunday, September 29, 2013

Parfum De Vanille

So it's all been a bit quiet around here of late. Vanilla life has been in full throttle, speeding us along without the meer hint of a kinky scent. 

Autumn approaches and that usually gets me writing poems and dittys, so maybe they'll be able to fill the gap for now. In the coming months, we are hoping to visit Exodus again with the delectable this girl and friends, so that will be a good deviation from the usual routine.  

And now the hotter weather has passed, there may be occasion to get the rubber out, lube up and get it on, especially now that SG has added a new rubber outfit to His kinky wardrobe that ISN'T a catsuit (and it's very sexy!). Guess i'll have to promise photos of it at some point soon. 

For now, play safe and enjoy your kink, whatever turns you on. 


Ava Grace said...

Parfum de vanille - I love it.

Anonymous said...

Ah gets in the way