Monday, July 01, 2013

Club Spank Ball: March of the Perverts

So we have made our breakthrough in the fetish scene in Brighton! We dipped our toe in the coastal water and found it was good fun! 

This event was the Brighton Fetish Weekend and we attended the Club Spank Ball 'March of the Perverts'.  It was pretty cool to observe so many fetishists and their fab outfits. The theme was military, but there were a whole host of others too, including some rather tasty policemen and women ;-) It had been a long time since our last public outing in the name of kink, and we're glad we made the effort. 

But beforehand we had the small, but very important, matter of finally meeting Tanjian and Bounty from Fetlife who we've been chatting to for the past five years. They have witnessed our transition into rubber and, for me, hoods. We met for drinks that turned into dinner, we had a good catch up and then arranged to meet them at the club later. 

We had booked into a hotel for the night, so we went back to get changed. i was in two minds whether to put my outfit on at the club or whether to just 'go for it' and attempt walking the short distance from the car to club. And i was feeling outlandish and decided 'Hell, so what?' and bared all on the streets in my new Westward Bound top and skirt and boots. 

And i have to say, it was such a rush! 

We arrived at the club and saw that it had two floors - a dance floor, DJ and bar area, and a play area downstairs that consisted of a St Andrews Cross and various spanking benches. It wasn't so busy to start with, but it filled up later. And then things hotted up ;-)  

There were a couple of strip tease shows upstairs on the stage that were rather sexy. We met up with Tanjian and Bounty who looked fab in their latex and they then introduced us to various kinksters which was cool. During the evening, Bounty persuaded SG to 'strip down' to just his catsuit, instead of leaving His trousers on. i was impressed by that! 

We probably spent most of our time downstairs (it was marginally cooler!) observing others being spanked and chatting to other new people. We didn't play in public as it didn't feel right and the shortage of space was a factor. Some time later, we found Tanjian using a violet wand on Bounty that looked intriguing and i ended up having a try, firstly from Tanjian, who then gave the reins to SG to tease me. It was a very strange feeling and something i would rather try properly when in a more private setting. It's always very hard in a public place to let yourself go unless you're a seasoned club-player. 

After that we were getting a bit restless of just observing events and feeling somewhat horny, we made our excuses and left the club for our hotel. Once there, we indulged ourselves in each other before falling asleep, satiated in more ways than one!

Look out for my next post that will showcase my latest Westward Bound outfit. Although since then, i have taken delivery of more latex in the form of lingerie and that's very sexy too. So, watch out for more pics soon. 


Anonymous said...

Glad you had fun and made some new friends :)

Geetwo said...

Sounds like you both had a great time.....but no spanking.....??

azra sevda said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful time. I shall wait patiently for some photos.............Is it time yet??? LOL