Friday, July 12, 2013

Belated Thanks

This post should have been written a while back, and well before i got carried away by the Brighton Fetish Weekend. 

It's a big belated thanks to Kenny, who has become a regular commenter on this girl's blog, but went the extra mile to paint her portrait. So i was thrilled when this girl told me he was doing another one of us together in straitjackets (red leather bolero for me and the posey for this girl) from our time at Captive Kinks, the pictures can be found on his website. 

And when this girl came to visit recently, this huge plastic-wrapped square object appeared from her car boot. We actually waited for SG's return from work before its reveal (about 6 hours). And it was so worth the wait! 

The painting is of us standing face to face, linked by our straitjackets, and the look of anticipation is captured beautifully. It brings back so many memories of our first play together. i really love it and we will find a special place to hang it. Reading back to this girl's blog, she said hers is at the top of the hall stairs and that sounds a nice place. 

This girl and i had a great vanilla day together and it was really nice to spend time with her. She resisted the urge to buy more shoes too! Her visit was over far too quickly, but it was lovely to see her. 

So a big thank you to both - Kenny, who is a very talented man, and this girl for bringing this great piece of artwork to life. 

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