Monday, April 15, 2013

Strait To Kink

Following on from my previous birthday post, sadly the Westward Bound outfit didn't fit and has been sent back :-( It was a very space age looking silver catsuit, but it was too short.

On the up side, SG had a discount offer to use and i have picked out another outfit instead. It's on its way, so will be reaching us soon. It's going to be a feminine look this time.

It was a rare Sunday afternoon yesterday when we decided to have some kinky fun. my favourite red latex straitjacket made an appearance, along with ankle cuffs and collar, latex hood and gas mask over the top of it.

As i lay trussed up on the bed at SG's mercy, i realised i had been missing kink. The restriction i felt across my body and head caressed me. The straps teased my pussy and the smell of rubber enveloped me. It felt right. And we had fun, especially when the hitachi wand came out and SG forced me to orgasm. i spaced out and floated. Then we fucked and wore ourselves out, curling up in each others arms - all in the name of kink.

And there is proof. SG delighted in taking this photo after He dressed me up. It's good to get back to it.

Strait up.

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