Thursday, April 04, 2013


i'm conscious that no new posts have appeared here recently. In fact, it's a whole month today. i guess i'm just having a bit of a mental block with my blog at mo, especially as our vanilla lives have demanded most of our time.

However, that's not to say i have stopped reading other blogs, especially that of my sexy friend, this girl, who invited readers to ask her questions for March's Q&A month.

So it seemed only right to satisfy my curiosity and ask this:

When did you first realise that you were into girls and was it before you got into kink or as a part of it?

If you'd like to know the answer, head on over to her blog to read more. It's the post entitled 'The Girl Next Door'

Only wish i could be her...

As it's my birthday month, i hope to post some pics of my forthcoming kinky present from SG - under wraps for now, of course! But... it's made of latex!

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