Sunday, February 24, 2013

Green Goddess

i thought this was an apt title for this post - well it's what my recent commenters seemed to have named me.

So it's time to show off my latest latex from our January photo shoot.  The mood took me to dress up, much to SG's delight, and motivated Him to encase Himself in rubber too.  But more of Him later, here's my first few images. 

Along with the latex, SG bought me this awesome PVC boots.  i really can't wait to wear them out to a club.

Working upwards, here's the fantastic green top and skirt - the skirt is very tight (and short)!  i love the military look (have longed for an olive green catsuit), so i think this works really well:

And to complete the outfit, SG bought me a new gas mask:

i have always loved the colour green, and more recently in latex clothing.  i can see this becoming my favourite outfit!

There are more photos to follow in another post.  Do you like what you see?


An Artist Exposed said...

Do I like? Very much so; gorgeous photographs!

both.hands.please said...

A resounding yes from this neck of the woods..

Anonymous said...

The green really is stunning. Love the boots too!

xo mina