Monday, January 28, 2013

That Very First Hello

5 years

60 months

260 weeks

1,826 days

43,800 hours

2,628,000 minutes

157,680,000 seconds

Since SG and pup met for the first time.

Monday, January 21, 2013

A Glimpse

Just in case you've forgotten what i look like...

Monday, January 14, 2013

Fact Or Fiction?

13 days in, and my first post of the year - must do better!  

And so i thought i'd treat you to some fiction to begin my seventh year of blogging(!) 

Then again, maybe it's not fiction at all...

"Play My sub".....i hear You say and You sit in a chair across the room, in the dark, to look on.......

we are entwined in each other's bodies, lying on the bed, the moisture of sweat and sex running across our bodies.  The smell of You on our bodies is all around.  she traces her fingers along my face, down my neck and then slowly onto my breasts, encircling each nipple slowly before gently pinching them, seeing them become erect.  she slides her body down a little to bring her face against my chest, and she looks up at me to smile, before her soft tongue delicately teases and nibbles at my skin.  i begin to drift into waves of ecstasy, my heart races and i can feel my sex burning once more.  my hands stroke her moist back and she presses her mouth down harder onto my nipples, her legs still wrapped around mine now writhing against me with the pleasure she hungrily receives. 

she moves from being beside me to kneeling over me, her thighs pressing against mine, her hands resting on my upper arms and she moves in closer to kiss me. Her soft lips envelop my own and she tastes so sweet.  Her tongue slowly curls its way into my mouth and plays with mine, gently at first then ever more forcibly.  i feel a hand wandering back down my torso, down my stomach and hips towards my shaven sex and her fingers stroke my outer lips brimming over with wetness, then reaching in to find my inner lips and sinking two fingers into me.  i cry out as her tongue continues to invade my mouth and her fingers begin to rhythmically plunge into my wetness, then alternately stroking my clit and lips.  She adds another finger and continues her assault on my weak body, my heart pumping, my head dizzy.  She pauses from kissing me, lifting her head up to look at me and smiles.  She turns to look at You for a moment, seeing You enjoying the sight of us playing in front of You.  You smile and tell us to carry on. 

She strokes my hair and face, continuing to finger me now using a fourth which excites me even more. i can feel myself on the edge now and knowing that You are watching increases the sensations, bringing me to a new level of arousal and still she continues to stroke and tease me.  Her hand begins playing with my nipples once again, pulling them hard this time, trying to recreate the experience of when You used the clips and rope on them, knowing how much i must have enjoyed it.  i gasp and moan at the sensations coursing through my body and i can sense You are pleased with my "abuse" from O/our favourite girl....Your sub being "mauled" by another woman, knowing how much i delight in her body.  As i become more aware of how powerless i've become and at how much pleasure You are deriving from observing, i feel myself giving in and as she inserts her fingers deep inside me once again, i can do nothing but let my climax explode inside of me.  i let out a loud cry as my body rises up, then sinks down with the waves of release flowing over me. 

As i lay there, i see You stand up and walk over towards us.  Smiling down, You turn me onto my front and promptly slap my bottom hard, leaving a red mark.  As You turn me back You say, "good girl, My sub, good girl".