Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Not sure if my absence has been noticed, but i felt that i needed to come back to write a post for the last day of this topsy turvy year. 

My previous post mentioned looking forward to a kinky weekend in Birmingham. Sadly that didn't happen as i got ill :-( Such a shame as we were so keen to see good friends again. But hey, these things happen. 

You may have noted (or not) there's been a lack of posts here over the past year. And yes, it's mostly because there has been a shift in our kinky lifestyle where vanilla life has taken over the reins. For me, i've gone with the flow - the need to feel subbie, or even sexy, hasn't been strong. i think that for SG it's something He has coped with and hasn't tried to turn things around, but i do think He still has His urges at times, but i just hope He doesn't feel too frustrated. 

i should mention that recently SG asked me to assist Him in some straitjacket and hood time as He had the urge to let go and i was happy to oblige. It felt good to be in control, if only for a couple of hours.

i know that it's something that we need to work on and we do talk about it. The fear of pushing it is there too and i really want it to be a natural phase that returns when we are ready. Does that make any sense? i hope so. 

So as this year draws to a close, i want to look forward to a new year, full of new experiences, be they vanilla or kink (and i do have a new catsuit to show off). 

And anyway, the most important thing is that we still have each other. 

So i wish you (if anyone is still reading me) a very happy 2014. May it bring you everything you wish for... and more. 

Happy New Year!

Thursday, November 07, 2013

BFW Beckons...

Birmingham Fetish Weekend beckons us and so we've accepted this glimmer of kink on our horizon. 

It's next weekend and i get to see this girl again. It's been way too long. 

Bring it on. 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Parfum De Vanille

So it's all been a bit quiet around here of late. Vanilla life has been in full throttle, speeding us along without the meer hint of a kinky scent. 

Autumn approaches and that usually gets me writing poems and dittys, so maybe they'll be able to fill the gap for now. In the coming months, we are hoping to visit Exodus again with the delectable this girl and friends, so that will be a good deviation from the usual routine.  

And now the hotter weather has passed, there may be occasion to get the rubber out, lube up and get it on, especially now that SG has added a new rubber outfit to His kinky wardrobe that ISN'T a catsuit (and it's very sexy!). Guess i'll have to promise photos of it at some point soon. 

For now, play safe and enjoy your kink, whatever turns you on. 

Friday, September 06, 2013

The Brighton Buzz

It gives me great pleasure to publish this wonderful blog post from our friends, Tanjian and Bounty, who we were honoured to meet after some time (it could be years), from being friends on Fetlife to then experiencing the Brighton Fetish Weekend together. This is Tanjian's take on this historic event. 

Occasionally in this wonderful, wonderful scene you meet people you really click with and a great night is had by all......  

And on that note.... 

Both Bounty and myself have messaged the beguiling and beautiful SGs_pup and singleglove1971 for some time. In many ways their wonderment and enthusiasm for the scene was very catchy and revitalised the current stance we inhabit. We have always remained bemused that despite having a very revealing and horny profile on both Rubberpal and Fetlife, they had rarely ventured out to a club. We said that if they were ever in the sandy climes of Brighton, to look us up. True to their word, they did.
We already faced a dilemma as we had been invited to a wedding reception the same day. Two things were apparent, first, we love to support the scene in Brighton and Hove and second...........well............it was the dynamic duo, wasn't it? The choice was easy to make, but the fabrication of a convincing lie was a bit heavy.
Both pup and singleglove made good time and we alighted at a nearby pub for drinks, which became dinner. We promised the next time these guys are down, we would take them to another nice Brightonian eatery. Moreover, it was nice to see the peeps behind the hoods and masks, something which we were very privileged to witness, truth be told. Oh........they are good looking *uckers too. We hated them.
Meeting later at the club, the size and heat was amplified by the number of people there. H Bar is a comparatively small and the event was very well attended. pup looked resplendent in a striped latex outfit comprising of a very snug fitting top, flouncey skirt and scandalous boots. Singleglove was rocking the look in a black rubber catsuit and was pacing himself as he was still in his jeans. Bounty did comment on this rather saucily and also made a note of what she'd later do to him.
What followed was the ritual of lubing up with Pjur which I began to pour on Bounty, only for the delectable, Amazonian, Red Corrupter offer to start and finish the job. It was not a hard time, watching Red so obviously slick Bounty so purposefully and sensually and had a hint of the surreal too. I think Red has a foot and a quarter on petite Bounty and she had to lift her onto the stage so they were level for a snog. It was terrible, so terrible to watch. We proffered the bottle of Pjur to pup and singleglove to shine up, but ever the polite, they only took a few squirts!
Many of our friends from Fetlife were there and although I offered introductions for our guests, it seemed that their reputation proceeded them. Many Fetlifers nodded in recognition. Testament to their superb profiles and blogs, you could say.
I had catastrophised a little with our guests a few days before hand, telling them that Brighton Clubs differ greatly from the wider scene in London. However this was groundless, as each time we looked over, they looked very happy and were enjoying the sights, sounds and smells!
It was then time to get singleglove stripped and amidst a cacophony of us three shouting 'Off! Off! Off!' he brazenly stepped out of his strides and did the full rubber thing. As well as the admiring glances of Bounty and pup, he was unaware of the other smiles and nods of respect at his display. Moreover, he looked like he was having the time of his life.

                Bounty getting buzzed

Two very sexy striptease shows later, we found a quiet-ish space and began to use the Violet Wand. Bounty responded very quickly and was already edging into sub-space. Many thanks to singleglove for his attention to our play and also deterring several oiks who were trying to crash the scene. For two people who have only attended a few fetish clubs, they were extremely savvy of etiquette and play, just the friends you need on the scene, really. We did offer weapons to our guests who had a brief and fitting play. Space and etiquette was at a premium and hopefully if we ever get up to this again, time, space and clientele will suit.

                   Let's rake it, baby 

As the evening wore on, I pulled Bounty to a spanking bench, just in time for pup and singleglove to bid us goodbye.
They were totally buzzing and breathlessly said they were returning to their hotel room, eyes moist and darting, smiles touching their lips. It was a great end to an evening and we are very familiar with that look couples have. Bounty was slurring her words and stumbling as we left the club. Having had only two beers, she was deeply in the zone and doing her best to get in the car.
As we found our keys, a beautiful lady on the street, observing our attire, stopped dead, her hands on her hips and purred at us;
‘’Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh.......where are you two going?’’
‘’For more of the same!’’ laughed Bounty.
Thank you SGs_pup and singleglove for a sublime time.
We are so glad we threw that wedding!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Current Liabilities

SG has graced my blog with His presence again to give us His take on our Brighton Fetish Weekend. 

At risk of preaching to the perverted, I have to say that in the five or so years since I dipped a toe into the BDSM scene, I have come to believe that the vast majority of kinky people are that bit more intelligent, perceptive and interesting than yer average Jo(sephin)e. 

The kinky fraternity has a distinctive social savoire faire of its own, which pup and I, being the careful types we are, have picked up through observation from the sidelines before making our modest presence felt. However, a fair chunk of fet-iquette is founded on the prosaic dos and don'ts of the vanilla world. At a conventional party, for instance, it's generally frowned upon to get arseholed and intentionally barge in on a couple "having a quiet moment" together.*

But I have also come to realise that there is a type of person (mercifully, in a tiny minority) who sees the fetish lifestyle as an excuse to, for want of a better phrase, act like even more of an insufferable bell-end than they are in all other aspects of life.

I mention this only as a postscript to the otherwise excellent experience of which pup has already written: with Tanjian and Bounty at the March of the Perverts party in Brighton. 

With the evening in full swing, the small venue was packed and steaming hot, so there was barely room to swing a cat. Obviously, a few of the more “relaxed“ attendees were keen to have a little public session in the titchy play space available in the basement. Some flogging ensued and a crowd built to watch the scene unfold as the thumping music from upstairs discouraged all but the most dedicated yellers-over-the-din from conversing. 

I could sense that there was time pressure on the St Andrew's cross, for instance, as other scenesters in the crowd eyed the playing couple impatiently, waiting for their fair crack of the flogger. There was no way pup and I were going to play in this situation. It simply wasn't conducive and we certainly didn't want to stand in the way of people - parents with young kids, say - for whom this might be the only chance to play for months.

A while later, pup wandered off to the loos and Tanjian opened his box of goodies to show me his violet wand and all its weird (wired?) and wonderful attachments. The wand was an electric "sensation device" that I had seen before, courtesy of the evil genius Dr Grimly Feendish and his lovely latex-lovin' wife, thisgirl. But it's a fascinating piece of kit nonetheless and, once an electrical socket had been located (no mean feat in the dark recesses of the basement), Tanjian was giving a demonstration of its powers, applying the arcing, sparking tool across Bounty's bare skin as she pressed herself against the wall forehead first. 

It wasn't long before I could tell that they were "having a moment" and Bounty - a self-confessed pain slut - was somehow zoning into an enviable headspace, despite the surround-sound cacophony. I thought it would be a good idea to leave them to it for five minutes, so I decided to find pup, but before I could slip my way through the crowd (hooray for Pjur!), an even better-lubricated bare-chested oik barged his way over, attracted by the shooting purple sparks and the crackle of ultra-high voltage gadgetry.

"Wossat, ven?" he yelled at me, gesturing at the wand. He was friendly enough, but I really wanted him to go away. I explained what it was they were playing with as quietly as possible so that he had to lean towards me to hear my explanation, rather than blundering into Tanjian.

Yeah, that didn't really work.

Too inebriated to care when I indicated that the pair were in the midst of play, he unceremoniously halted proceedings by demanding a demo of the wand's sensation – on his own tongue. BDSM really does not mix well with alcohol, but I suspect he probably would have done the same thing even if he hadn't been three sheets to the wind. I found myself thinking, uncharitably: "I bet he's new – and that he's not going to make too many friends around here."

Tanjian patiently humoured the guy and satisfied his curiosity. Personally, I'd have been tempted in Tanjian's flip-flops (yes, he was wearing flip-flops to a fetish event, the twisted pervert) to crank the wand up to max power and find an amalgam filling to zap in the cretin's mouth, so it was probably for the best that I wasn't in charge of the charge. 

Fortunately, the interloper withdrew, largely unimpressed. To her immense credit, Bounty got back into the swing of things virtually immediately after being so rudely interrupted. He could quite easily have killed the, er, buzz right then. I felt obliged thereafter to try and form a defensive circle around them (which is tricky when you're a skinny bloke in a rubber catsuit), while not getting so close as to cramp their style. Tanjian took it all in his stride, thanking me for my frankly ineffectual attempt to deter the drunk and cheerfully showing me the various accoutrements as he changed them around to achieve different sensations. Indeed, he's a very cheerful chap - a real live wire on the scene, you might say (I'll get me SBR coat) - and I hope that we meet him and the lovely Tanjian again soon, because, by and large, we had a blast that evening.

I do realise that you have to make allowances with public play and club conditions are never going to be perfect unless you happen to be an agoraphobic exhibitionist who likes repetitive dance music at deafening volumes, but the risk of unwanted audience participation really shouldn't be a limiting factor, should it? 

* Unless they're blocking the only usable khazi in the place, of course - in which case they deserve all they get.

Master SingleGlove 

Friday, August 09, 2013

Ropey Times

i've been a bit tied up lately, so please forgive my lack of posts ;-) 

The good news is that SG and i indulged in a new rubber photo shoot to showcase my latest outfit (seen only as a snippet at BFW). So watch out for my next post. 

For now, enjoy this: 

with a bit of this: 

Thursday, August 01, 2013

i Used To Be A Cat...

Absolutely love this video, so i just had to share it here.

Be More Dog!  i'll bark to that! ;-) 

(Gotta love pussies too, though) 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Ahoy There!

The wait is over!

i can now reveal my Brighton Fetish Weekend outfit from Westward Bound - i really do love it! It's like a sailor girl outfit, i guess, although i think it gives off a French look too. 

The first photo shows my boots in all their glory, while the second is a slightly closer shot and picks up all the shiny stuff (and many thanks to Tanjian for the loan of the magic Pjur!) 

Monday, July 15, 2013

BFW Teaser

You've been waiting so patiently... so here's a teaser image of my Brighton Fetish Weekend outfit! 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Belated Thanks

This post should have been written a while back, and well before i got carried away by the Brighton Fetish Weekend. 

It's a big belated thanks to Kenny, who has become a regular commenter on this girl's blog, but went the extra mile to paint her portrait. So i was thrilled when this girl told me he was doing another one of us together in straitjackets (red leather bolero for me and the posey for this girl) from our time at Captive Kinks, the pictures can be found on his website. 

And when this girl came to visit recently, this huge plastic-wrapped square object appeared from her car boot. We actually waited for SG's return from work before its reveal (about 6 hours). And it was so worth the wait! 

The painting is of us standing face to face, linked by our straitjackets, and the look of anticipation is captured beautifully. It brings back so many memories of our first play together. i really love it and we will find a special place to hang it. Reading back to this girl's blog, she said hers is at the top of the hall stairs and that sounds a nice place. 

This girl and i had a great vanilla day together and it was really nice to spend time with her. She resisted the urge to buy more shoes too! Her visit was over far too quickly, but it was lovely to see her. 

So a big thank you to both - Kenny, who is a very talented man, and this girl for bringing this great piece of artwork to life. 

Monday, July 01, 2013

Club Spank Ball: March of the Perverts

So we have made our breakthrough in the fetish scene in Brighton! We dipped our toe in the coastal water and found it was good fun! 

This event was the Brighton Fetish Weekend and we attended the Club Spank Ball 'March of the Perverts'.  It was pretty cool to observe so many fetishists and their fab outfits. The theme was military, but there were a whole host of others too, including some rather tasty policemen and women ;-) It had been a long time since our last public outing in the name of kink, and we're glad we made the effort. 

But beforehand we had the small, but very important, matter of finally meeting Tanjian and Bounty from Fetlife who we've been chatting to for the past five years. They have witnessed our transition into rubber and, for me, hoods. We met for drinks that turned into dinner, we had a good catch up and then arranged to meet them at the club later. 

We had booked into a hotel for the night, so we went back to get changed. i was in two minds whether to put my outfit on at the club or whether to just 'go for it' and attempt walking the short distance from the car to club. And i was feeling outlandish and decided 'Hell, so what?' and bared all on the streets in my new Westward Bound top and skirt and boots. 

And i have to say, it was such a rush! 

We arrived at the club and saw that it had two floors - a dance floor, DJ and bar area, and a play area downstairs that consisted of a St Andrews Cross and various spanking benches. It wasn't so busy to start with, but it filled up later. And then things hotted up ;-)  

There were a couple of strip tease shows upstairs on the stage that were rather sexy. We met up with Tanjian and Bounty who looked fab in their latex and they then introduced us to various kinksters which was cool. During the evening, Bounty persuaded SG to 'strip down' to just his catsuit, instead of leaving His trousers on. i was impressed by that! 

We probably spent most of our time downstairs (it was marginally cooler!) observing others being spanked and chatting to other new people. We didn't play in public as it didn't feel right and the shortage of space was a factor. Some time later, we found Tanjian using a violet wand on Bounty that looked intriguing and i ended up having a try, firstly from Tanjian, who then gave the reins to SG to tease me. It was a very strange feeling and something i would rather try properly when in a more private setting. It's always very hard in a public place to let yourself go unless you're a seasoned club-player. 

After that we were getting a bit restless of just observing events and feeling somewhat horny, we made our excuses and left the club for our hotel. Once there, we indulged ourselves in each other before falling asleep, satiated in more ways than one!

Look out for my next post that will showcase my latest Westward Bound outfit. Although since then, i have taken delivery of more latex in the form of lingerie and that's very sexy too. So, watch out for more pics soon. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Musing Times

This girl's latest blog post is about memories. And somehow or other, i am included in her list of favourites! What an honour!  

If you'd like to find out more, then head on over to this girl's blog.

Memories are such precious things and i love how i can look back on my own blog and muse on good times, as well as write about what's around the next corner.  

And that next adventure involves SG and i visiting our very first BDSM club together, unescorted.  Shock, horror!  We'll be at the Brighton Fetish Weekend and my newest Westward Bound outfit and lace-up boots will be making their first appearance outside of the house!

If you're on Fetlife and you're going too, leave me a comment as it would be great to say hello.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Tree Of Love

Etched into a tree, somewhere in my favourite park, you'll find this:


Now all i need to do is imagine myself bound to it and taken within an inch of my life. Well ok, just taken for now ;-)

Friday, June 07, 2013

24 Hours

That's all i can hope for in being in this girl's company. She is making a flying visit to us later today, then leaves for home on Saturday (she's staying the night). 

It doesn't stop me from getting so excited at seeing her again. It's about 10 months since last time. Way too long, but that's how things go sometimes. 

i am sure we'll make up for lost time somehow...  ;-) 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Holding On

The Westward Bound goodies arrived and they look rather damn hot and sexy (or i hope to be when i am in them!)  Can't wait to do a new photo shoot with SG for them.  

In the meantime, this is really just a 'holding' post...

Oh, and a trip down memory lane too - i remember this as being rather intense but so much fun, which is what kink should be about.

Friday, May 17, 2013


Throughout our kinky lives together, there's a favourite phrase of SG's that always makes me smile, but only when He puts me in a particular situation.  And that's when He straps me into a straitjacket or sleepsack, be it leather or latex (He usually gets to pick).  And whenever i hear it, it makes me react.  It makes me want to do as i am told.  Unfortunately, it forces me to disobey Him every time and so it's His way of toying with me.  It's His way of brandishing His control over me.

So, here's the situation:

Then add the phrase:  "Hands up, if you're not enjoying yourself..."

Oh, that's me then.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Come To Bed

i'm ready and waiting, in my night attire.

Come and see... 


Sweet dreams 
(new Westward Bound goodies are on their way)  ;-) 

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Dungeon Memories

Having met up recently again with our kinky friends, S & E (purely for a vanilla catch up this time), i thought i'd post an image from my dungeon experience that SG and i enjoyed thoroughly, almost two years ago now (and it only seems like yesterday).

All such a long time ago now, but more good memories.


Wednesday, May 01, 2013

May Be One Day

It's always nice to look back at photos and take yourself right back to that moment.

i'm doing that right now with this image, taken last April at Club Exodus, with this girl.

Standing there, completely in darkness, dressed to please, learning how to breathe in a gas mask and loving the restriction.

Anticipating her next touch.  

And look where her hand is...

Good memories.

Photo courtesy of Raven Imaging.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Never Forgotten

Still miss you, Missy G.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Strait To Kink

Following on from my previous birthday post, sadly the Westward Bound outfit didn't fit and has been sent back :-( It was a very space age looking silver catsuit, but it was too short.

On the up side, SG had a discount offer to use and i have picked out another outfit instead. It's on its way, so will be reaching us soon. It's going to be a feminine look this time.

It was a rare Sunday afternoon yesterday when we decided to have some kinky fun. my favourite red latex straitjacket made an appearance, along with ankle cuffs and collar, latex hood and gas mask over the top of it.

As i lay trussed up on the bed at SG's mercy, i realised i had been missing kink. The restriction i felt across my body and head caressed me. The straps teased my pussy and the smell of rubber enveloped me. It felt right. And we had fun, especially when the hitachi wand came out and SG forced me to orgasm. i spaced out and floated. Then we fucked and wore ourselves out, curling up in each others arms - all in the name of kink.

And there is proof. SG delighted in taking this photo after He dressed me up. It's good to get back to it.

Strait up.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Birthday Post

So, the kinky present arrived looking like this:

As you can see, it's from Westward Bound, so it's bound to be good! 

But, i am running late for my birthday celebrations, so you'll have to wait for the next post!

Birthday pup signing off...

Sunday, April 07, 2013

In Two Minds

SG: "Do you think your horn is coming back? I think Mine is."

me: "A little bit, yes."

SG: "I know what would help. That new outfit for your birthday. It's going to look great with your boots - very space age."

Silence from me, as my mind goes into fantasy mode, visions of being dressed up and looking hawt.

SG: "Something else that would help -
spending the whole weekend... with her."

A big smile and a sigh from me, just before my mind explodes.

Thursday, April 04, 2013


i'm conscious that no new posts have appeared here recently. In fact, it's a whole month today. i guess i'm just having a bit of a mental block with my blog at mo, especially as our vanilla lives have demanded most of our time.

However, that's not to say i have stopped reading other blogs, especially that of my sexy friend, this girl, who invited readers to ask her questions for March's Q&A month.

So it seemed only right to satisfy my curiosity and ask this:

When did you first realise that you were into girls and was it before you got into kink or as a part of it?

If you'd like to know the answer, head on over to her blog to read more. It's the post entitled 'The Girl Next Door'

Only wish i could be her...

As it's my birthday month, i hope to post some pics of my forthcoming kinky present from SG - under wraps for now, of course! But... it's made of latex!

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Greener On The Other Side

Here's another batch of pics from our latest latex photo shoot, showing off my new green latex outfit and gas mask.

This time, SG makes an appearance as He can never resist getting into rubber when He sees His pup encased in hers.

SG - looking alien and EVIL:

We realised that it's much harder to kiss when masked up:

And of course, the obligatory (sexy) bum shot:

Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Leap For Kink

Yes, i know it's not a leap year, so the 29th February doesn't exist. It's as close to it as it gets, so i thought it would be a good time to reminisce about our first one. It also happened to be (only) the fourth time of seeing SG, and with the planets aligned, when our connection with kink became reality.

So, go ahead and relish in our leap for kink: Cloud 10 (Part 1)

If want to read more, further parts were written and they can be found under my archive posts of March 2008.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Birthday Wishes

It's SG's birthday and later today He'll have some presents to open, albeit rather vanilla ones.

But maybe this is what He'd like to be unwrapping instead.

Happy Birthday Sir!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Green Goddess

i thought this was an apt title for this post - well it's what my recent commenters seemed to have named me.

So it's time to show off my latest latex from our January photo shoot.  The mood took me to dress up, much to SG's delight, and motivated Him to encase Himself in rubber too.  But more of Him later, here's my first few images. 

Along with the latex, SG bought me this awesome PVC boots.  i really can't wait to wear them out to a club.

Working upwards, here's the fantastic green top and skirt - the skirt is very tight (and short)!  i love the military look (have longed for an olive green catsuit), so i think this works really well:

And to complete the outfit, SG bought me a new gas mask:

i have always loved the colour green, and more recently in latex clothing.  i can see this becoming my favourite outfit!

There are more photos to follow in another post.  Do you like what you see?

Friday, February 22, 2013

Come And Play With Me?

i'm cute.

i'm a redhead.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sweet Delight

This was my Valentine's dessert and strangely, it made me think of a certain someone from my blogger community. Not naming any names, of course! She'll know who she is!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

i (Monog)love You

It's that day of the year when we are all meant to get romantic and soppy. Well, for some it's all about the flowers and chocolates, but for others it's more about the floggers and chains. That's just how some people roll.

And hopefully one day soon that's how we'll roll again because this image is tempting me to want to get back to our kink. This monoglove is waiting to slip over my shoulders and encase my arms in leather. It's ready to bind me and render me powerless.

i shall submit myself to You once more and i will relish Your control. i hope it won't be long but when the time is here, we will know. We will know.

i love You Sir.

Happy Valentine's Day.

pup x

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Greens Are Good For You

Greens are good for you. And i have proof...

Here's a sneak preview of our latest rubber photo shoot: my kinky goodies from SG over the festive season.

And there's more. So much more that you'll be green with envy.

Monday, January 28, 2013

That Very First Hello

5 years

60 months

260 weeks

1,826 days

43,800 hours

2,628,000 minutes

157,680,000 seconds

Since SG and pup met for the first time.

Monday, January 21, 2013

A Glimpse

Just in case you've forgotten what i look like...

Monday, January 14, 2013

Fact Or Fiction?

13 days in, and my first post of the year - must do better!  

And so i thought i'd treat you to some fiction to begin my seventh year of blogging(!) 

Then again, maybe it's not fiction at all...

"Play My sub".....i hear You say and You sit in a chair across the room, in the dark, to look on.......

we are entwined in each other's bodies, lying on the bed, the moisture of sweat and sex running across our bodies.  The smell of You on our bodies is all around.  she traces her fingers along my face, down my neck and then slowly onto my breasts, encircling each nipple slowly before gently pinching them, seeing them become erect.  she slides her body down a little to bring her face against my chest, and she looks up at me to smile, before her soft tongue delicately teases and nibbles at my skin.  i begin to drift into waves of ecstasy, my heart races and i can feel my sex burning once more.  my hands stroke her moist back and she presses her mouth down harder onto my nipples, her legs still wrapped around mine now writhing against me with the pleasure she hungrily receives. 

she moves from being beside me to kneeling over me, her thighs pressing against mine, her hands resting on my upper arms and she moves in closer to kiss me. Her soft lips envelop my own and she tastes so sweet.  Her tongue slowly curls its way into my mouth and plays with mine, gently at first then ever more forcibly.  i feel a hand wandering back down my torso, down my stomach and hips towards my shaven sex and her fingers stroke my outer lips brimming over with wetness, then reaching in to find my inner lips and sinking two fingers into me.  i cry out as her tongue continues to invade my mouth and her fingers begin to rhythmically plunge into my wetness, then alternately stroking my clit and lips.  She adds another finger and continues her assault on my weak body, my heart pumping, my head dizzy.  She pauses from kissing me, lifting her head up to look at me and smiles.  She turns to look at You for a moment, seeing You enjoying the sight of us playing in front of You.  You smile and tell us to carry on. 

She strokes my hair and face, continuing to finger me now using a fourth which excites me even more. i can feel myself on the edge now and knowing that You are watching increases the sensations, bringing me to a new level of arousal and still she continues to stroke and tease me.  Her hand begins playing with my nipples once again, pulling them hard this time, trying to recreate the experience of when You used the clips and rope on them, knowing how much i must have enjoyed it.  i gasp and moan at the sensations coursing through my body and i can sense You are pleased with my "abuse" from O/our favourite girl....Your sub being "mauled" by another woman, knowing how much i delight in her body.  As i become more aware of how powerless i've become and at how much pleasure You are deriving from observing, i feel myself giving in and as she inserts her fingers deep inside me once again, i can do nothing but let my climax explode inside of me.  i let out a loud cry as my body rises up, then sinks down with the waves of release flowing over me. 

As i lay there, i see You stand up and walk over towards us.  Smiling down, You turn me onto my front and promptly slap my bottom hard, leaving a red mark.  As You turn me back You say, "good girl, My sub, good girl".