Monday, December 03, 2012

Gas-tro Times

It wasn't until we spent a weekend up with this girl and Grimly that SG and i had given much thought to gas masks.  Strange though, as it was SG who introduced me to hoods, even an inflatable one, when i was sure that before i met Him, they were a hard limit.  To Him, they were never a kink interest anyway.  So it is weird how you can try new things and grow to love them.

So we experienced our first gas masks in Grimly's playroom (they have quite a few!) and SG was rather intrigued by them.   So much so that once back home, we started searching for them on eBay and before you knew it, we had both bid on particular masks that took our fancy and subsequently won them.  They arrived about a week later and we were both really pleased with our latest kinky apparel.  We decided to take them along to our next hotel night away and have some fun with a photo shoot.

i'm not sure if i have mentioned this previously, SG also recently bought me a zentai suit that i was going to wear at last month's pony event at The Warehouse, but sadly we could not attend this time.  So this was an opportunity to get dressed up, along with my spiked boots, and enjoy myself.

Of course, bondage had to come in to it somewhere, so the body harness was applied:

The suit, spikes and mask - such a great combo:

SG thought it would look good if i also wore my PVC mac - gotta love the shiny stuff!:

The mask, which is Russian, fits rather tightly on the face, which is its intention of course, as i may have got a slightly smaller size than desired.  However, it may feel different with more use (so Grimly assures me!).  In any case, it has definitely surprised me how your kink interests can be stretched.  

More images to come!


Anonymous said...

i'm sure other things could be stretched ;)

Anonymous said...

Great photos! You look so good in your gear!

xo mina

Anonymous said...

Those arms are WAY too loose

Anonymous said...

This is a great post. You look great.

Anonymous said...

wow, i could so bury my head in there xx

Anonymous said...

love your blog xx