Monday, September 03, 2012

One Night In Glasgow

The previous post from SG goes some way to explaining our club night at Rebound. i have to say i was very proud of Him trying out the spinning wheel - i knew there was no way i would have tried it! Sadly, there were no cameras allowed in the venue, but the image of SG strapped down in public will not fade in my mind.

my own fate at the hands of SG and this girl is another vivid memory. Secured to the St Andrews Cross and hooded, i was tormented with several 'ouchie' implements until my bottom was tingling and feeling very warm. i quickly spaced out too and by the end of the session (about 30 mins), i was dazed, a bit wobbly, and happy. We took some time to chill out on a sofa and i gradually came back to life.

A friendly male sub appeared and introduced himself and complimented us on our rubber outfits. He was wearing very similar PVC thigh-length boots and said he was a big rubber fan. It was cool that we had a chat with other club goers which made it feel a more intimate and friendly venue. Definitely very different from the night we experienced in London, but that was good in its own way.

We didn't stay much longer at the club after that so we changed back into our civvies, except SG kept His catsuit on underneath His clothes and i kept my rubber panties on under my leggings. We left the club with the buzz of the night's fun in our heads. The image of walking along a busy Sauchiehall Street, holding hands with SG on my right and this girl on my left, will remain in my memory for a very long time to come.

And still the playroom awaited...


Anneal said...

Nice vibe I bet!
Thanks for sharing

trinity pup said...

Thank You, Sir! So nice to see You here.