Thursday, August 23, 2012

You Spin Me Right Round, Grimly, Right Round

Here's SG's tale on one of the highlights of our Feendish weekend:

I'm sure that pup will be writing on here at length in due course about our jaunt to the Dear Green Place, but I find myself obliged to report on one of our many pleasant experiences as the guests of our gracious hosts, Dr Grimly Feendish and Mrs Feendish, whom regular readers will also know as this girl.

On Saturday night we all attended Club Rebound. It was a small and intimate invitation-only event, based on an upper floor of an anonymous old office building nestled among the raucous night spots of Glasgow's main drag. 

The atmosphere was genial, the organisers made us feel welcome and the proceedings had the air of a house party, albeit probably the kinkiest house party in the world. But the cloakroom facilities for pup, this girl and me left a little to be desired amid the cramped confines of the venue. As we got changed together into our latex outfits in what could only be described as a unisex corridor, the heat and humidity of the building only added to our discomfort. It must have been in the high twenties Celsius, which, as any self-respecting rubberist knows, is not exactly in the ideal range of operating temperatures.

But we struggled manfully into our outfits: pup modelled her go-to combo of black Westward Bound skating dress and thigh-high PVC boots (always a head-turner); this girl rocked a smokin' Ferrari-red top and matching Domme skirt; and I eventually slithered into my trusty black Cocoon catsuit and bovver boots. Hot, hot, h... er,  bloody boiling. Tssss!

I thought that a dash of latex polish might cool us all down a bit, but strangely enough the opposite seemed to happen in my case as this girl hand-buffed my suit with a liberal application of silicone gloop. It's a tough life being me sometimes…

As I'm still a relative neophyte on the fetish club scene, I'd imagined that I might be self-conscious to be dressed from neck to toe in rubber for the first time among strangers, but happily I felt no such concern. In fact my overriding feeling was one of slight disappointment to find that that there were only a couple of other people there who'd bothered to rubber up – and even they weren't as fully covered. Lightweights.

We reconvened with Grimly and proceeded to a playroom that featured a nice piece of kit that works rather like one of those knife-thrower's discs to which the glamorous assistant is attached and spun 360 degrees while the blindfolded blade-bunger tries not to skewer her.  Grimly and this girl tried hard but failed to convince pup that it would be a fun ride. Instead I found myself airily agreeing to give the menacing-looking wheel a whirl myself and it wasn't long before they were busy strapping me tightly on to it in front of a curious audience of 20 or so. Also in the room there was a large steel frame under which a couple of shibari practitioners were trying to focus on their bondage origami while more people squeezed in to watch little old me. Strangely, at no point did I feel either thrilled or embarrassed at being on display in such a way. I was mainly wondering how I'd feel physically at being revolved arse over apex and feeling slightly sorry for the shibaristas for having their space invaded.

One of the hosts anxiously approached Grimly and asked him whether he knew how to operate the contraption and was firmly, but politely, put in his place. Grimly had actually made a prototype for this very wheel using parts of a Ford Fiesta many moons ago and knew perfectly well how this one worked, thank you very much for asking.

Once that was established and I was secured as tightly as possible, Dr Feendish slowly spun me 180 degrees to see what I could take. As a Dom who occasionally enjoys being on the receiving end, I've never experienced the much-vaunted "sub space" that pup can enter when she's in the right mood. she tells me that it's a trance-like floaty feeling, which is usually enjoyable, and easier to achieve when blindfolded or hooded. I decided to close my eyes in what I knew would be a vain bid to emulate her. I did get a bit of a head rush, admittedly, but only because my cranium was receiving far more blood than it knew what to do with. Grimly enquired as to my welfare and I told him I was fine. I didn't trust the thick leather straps to hold me, though, since my latex second skin was silicone-slick (try saying that when you're sober). So I kept a strong grip on the safety handles just in case. He carefully spun me upright and, after a quick debrief, we decided to go for a second rotation for luck - the rinse cycle, if you will.

On finishing my next revolution, our scene had attracted quite a crowd and I knew there were others who fancied a go, so we called a halt to proceedings. It was just as well that I'd held on to the handles, as I found that I could quite easily slip out of the arm straps unaided while Grimly and this girl released me. Minutes later, I was part of the crowd again, watching a female guest gamely riding the wheel. pup still didn't fancy it, despite seeing that it wasn't that scary after all. I didn't think she was missing much, to be honest, but I was quite satisfied that I'd mentally ticked off another item on the kinky bucket list: being played with (a little bit) in public.

Later that evening, I enjoyed the sight of this girl expertly tormenting pup on a St Andrew's cross. They don't get to see each other that much, so I'm generally reluctant to intrude on their "quality time" beyond observing their sexy antics, but I was glad to oblige when this girl asked me to lend a (spanking) hand. I'm pretty sure that pup enjoyed having her arse handed to her by her favourite pair of sadists, but she'll probably have something to say about that here herself. It's certainly fun working with this girl, who is a particularly capable Top with a sense of evil fun. pup certainly did hit sub-space during that scene and we were glad to be able to snuggle up on a sofa as she recovered from her "ordeal".

All too soon it was time to leave, but it wasn't too late for me to bust another personal fetish cherry. Rather than bother struggling out of my sopping catsuit, I decided to keep it on under my street clothes for the five-minute walk back to the car. As I sauntered past the booming bars of Glasgow's Sauchiehall Street, clad top to toe in latex, a steaming hot night suddenly felt pretty damn cool after all…

Master SingleGlove


cherie said...

I love your postings :) Sounds liek great fun!

Ava Grace: The Beauty of Submission said...

Can't wait to read more SG and pup ... xx

Anonymous said...

good job you're a strapping young lad ;)