Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Feendish Weekend: An Intro

And so it came to be. SG and trinity pup made the long and arduous journey up North (well, we flew!) to visit this girl and Grimly. And it was an awesome weekend.

We were privileged to spend time in their playroom, but more on that later. We also hit the streets of Glasgow to visit a fetish party night at Club Rebound. It was a small intimate place with several rooms harbouring, among other things, a suspension frame and bondage spinning wheel, a school classroom (with porn in the desks!) and an impact play room with a St Andrew's Cross, spanking bench and cage.

This girl and Grimly introduced us to some of their friends. Apart from Grimly, we dressed up in rubber and looked really hot (and felt it!). It seemed that we were the only ones, as others were wearing school girl outfits, just their underwear or a mixture of leather and lycra. At least we made an effort!

SG has kindly written a guest post on His experience at the club. i'll be publishing it very soon. i know He'd love your comments, so if you wish, please leave Him a bark.

As a teaser, here's the array of 'goodies' that awaited me in the Feendish playroom, kindly selected by this girl, the next day:

i think you may be back to

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both.hands.please said...

That looks like a hell of a lot of fun right there.. pray continue..