Monday, July 23, 2012

One Shade Of Black

In our world, there is only one shade of black. And that is, latex!

SG and i treated ourselves to a night away at a spa hotel recently and i sought inspiration for a kinky photo shoot from this girl (she is becoming a great mentor!).

And so the idea of being dressed in latex and in a bubble bath came about. We had a lot of fun capturing these images, and what followed was even hotter than anything shown here... phew!

i wanted to be hooded too, so came the difficult task of choosing which hood to wear:

So, the re-breather tube hood won as i thought it would look cool - all ready to dip my toe in the water:

Feeling the hot water against the latex was really different, especially when you're wearing rubber pants too!:

Then it was time to add the re-breather tube and bag, for some extra fun - it felt a little weird and i got a little spacy:

One of the things i wanted to experience was wearing my ballet boots (not in the water though!), and a change of hood:

And then SG got really mean!:

i hope you enjoyed the show! There were a few more taken after this, with me secured in our latest piece of bondage - a monoglove with a difference.

If you leave me enough comments here, i may just share those photos too. Fair enough?


Ava Grace: The Beauty of Submission said...

yes please share pup :) looks like you had heaps of fun ... who needs grey when you have black!

Anonymous said...

am sure most of the readers needed a cold shower after seeing these pics!


Great pics... an inspiration for myself and my girl when we go on vacation