Tuesday, July 10, 2012

i Heart This Collar

Another post for July!  

As this girl mentioned in her last blog post, SG and i were recently invited to Geetwo's and Maxi's house for a party, where we were honoured to meet JG Leathers and his wife (fantastic people!), as well as Henry.  

It was a great weekend, albeit with just a tiny smattering of kink in the form of admiring and being adorned by Henry's amazing metalwork.  He was very eager for me to try the collar, cuffs and connecting bar and I was just as keen to experience them.  The workmanship he had put into the pieces was truly outstanding. i think the collar is just so sweet and, surprisingly, wasn't too heavy on the neck - and it fitted perfectly!

i believe there is a waiting list if i want to obtain my own set, but i can be patient!  


Anonymous said...

i heart sexy girls in steel!

Lights said...

Oh those are lovely things!Great work on it :)