Monday, July 23, 2012

One Shade Of Black

In our world, there is only one shade of black. And that is, latex!

SG and i treated ourselves to a night away at a spa hotel recently and i sought inspiration for a kinky photo shoot from this girl (she is becoming a great mentor!).

And so the idea of being dressed in latex and in a bubble bath came about. We had a lot of fun capturing these images, and what followed was even hotter than anything shown here... phew!

i wanted to be hooded too, so came the difficult task of choosing which hood to wear:

So, the re-breather tube hood won as i thought it would look cool - all ready to dip my toe in the water:

Feeling the hot water against the latex was really different, especially when you're wearing rubber pants too!:

Then it was time to add the re-breather tube and bag, for some extra fun - it felt a little weird and i got a little spacy:

One of the things i wanted to experience was wearing my ballet boots (not in the water though!), and a change of hood:

And then SG got really mean!:

i hope you enjoyed the show! There were a few more taken after this, with me secured in our latest piece of bondage - a monoglove with a difference.

If you leave me enough comments here, i may just share those photos too. Fair enough?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

i Heart This Collar

Another post for July!  

As this girl mentioned in her last blog post, SG and i were recently invited to Geetwo's and Maxi's house for a party, where we were honoured to meet JG Leathers and his wife (fantastic people!), as well as Henry.  

It was a great weekend, albeit with just a tiny smattering of kink in the form of admiring and being adorned by Henry's amazing metalwork.  He was very eager for me to try the collar, cuffs and connecting bar and I was just as keen to experience them.  The workmanship he had put into the pieces was truly outstanding. i think the collar is just so sweet and, surprisingly, wasn't too heavy on the neck - and it fitted perfectly!

i believe there is a waiting list if i want to obtain my own set, but i can be patient!  

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Masking The Truth

i am ashamed that i only managed two blog posts for the whole of June.  It's the fewest i've ever written in a month since i began my blog (unless you count last month too!).  i really must do better!

Anyway, i know that my good friend, this girl, has been keeping you more up to date with what i've been up to than i have, so i thought i should enlighten you by sharing a couple of photos taken when SG and i, along with our kinky friends Grimly, this girl, Geetwo and Maxi, experienced Club Exodus in April.  This followed the pony/pet event at The Warehouse earlier that day (written in an earlier post here).

i know it is three months ago now, but i remember the night rather well, spending most of it rubbered up and the opportunity to wear one of this girl's gas masks for the very first time.  
SG, this girl and i took ourselves off to one of the dungeon rooms for some fun.  Before the mask went on, this girl had already put a latex straitjacket and hood on me and then she and SG began to tease me.  i felt hands moving across my body, down my thighs, stroking my head and it all felt amazing.

This girl then asked me if i wanted to try the gas mask and as i was hooded already, i couldn't get scared by the look of it, so i said yes.  They're not something that SG and i have ever really been into, so i thought it was something worth trying.  Once it was on, it felt really good and the straps and feeling of enclosure around my head made me get really floaty.   As there was the opportunity to get photos taken by the club's resident photographer, SG and this girl led me through to the studio to pose for some images.  The results of which are very special and i thought i'd share just a couple of them here: 

When i came down from subspace and removed the gas mask and hood to say thank you to the photographer, i was stunned and delighted to learn it was one of my online friends from, who i've known for over four years and never met in person.  So that really made the whole evening even more special!  

In other news....  

This girl may have also mentioned me recently appearing in a hot tub, or words to that effect, and of course, it's all true!