Sunday, June 03, 2012


my sweet Sir has honoured us with His presence to write a guest blog post. 

Hello, dear readers,

It's been ages since I've had occasion to write here, but today's a special day. Good Queen Liz is celebrating 60 years on the job, as it were, which is a remarkable achievement, given that we're always being told that there's no such thing as a job for life these days. Yeah, she has plenty of perks, but all the money in the world wouldn't persuade me to sit through all those godawful royal variety performances while trying to look interested rather than slightly nauseous on account of the new-paint smell that must accompany her wherever she goes.

Anyway, as ever, I digress. I was going to tell you why today is a special day: pup and I switched for the first time in about a year. It came about pretty spontaneously, too. And it was good.

Let me level with you: pup and I have both lost our va-va-voom over the past two or three months for various reasons. pup's been looking for a job since Christmas - her first long break from work for some years now - and she's starting to wonder whether she'll ever find the kind of job she wants.  We've had pretty much constant building work on the house, which still isn't quite finished. This has been amazingly disruptive, pup's had to manage much of the project, since she's been the one stuck at home, and we've had to store all our kinky stuff out of the way of nosy builders. And at New Year my workplace relocated further away from our home, lengthening my commute and making me so tired when I eventually return home that I'm falling asleep in my dinner on weekdays, more often than not.

Obviously, none of these things has had a positive effect on our sex/kink life and I think that has been preying on our minds of late. A saving grace, I suppose, is that we've both been feeling the same way, so we haven't had a situation where one of us is climbing the wall with frustration while the other sits there watching them.

It's a good job that our relationship, which started because of kink, is based on much more than that. Have I mentioned anywhere that pup is a wonderful, multi-faceted person whom I love very much? Hope so!

Another saving grace is that we've been spreading our wings and meeting more fellow kinksters at fetish parties this year, as pup has described on these very pages. We're really looking forward to seeing some good friends, including the delectable thisgirl and evil genius Grimly, at Geetwo’s and maxi's country mansion of Kink next weekend.

And that was part of why we played today: I felt as though we needed to make a bit of an effort to get in the mood before our impending escape to the country, seeing as there were no pressing engagements to attend and a long weekend in which not to attend them. Thanks, Queenie.

As we enjoyed the luxury of our Sunday morning lie-in, pup's hands wandered downwards and ran her fingers down the front of my shorts, giving me no little pleasure - and some inspiration. A mad idea came to me in a flash (don't mad ideas always do that?):
"pup, would you do something for me?"
"Let's try a switching session."
"Not if you don't want to. I just thought it might get help us get our kink on before next weekend. We haven't switched for about a year, probably. It might work."
"OK, what do you have in mind?"
"Just a session in the leather sleepsack. Nothing more. You can leave me to my own devices if you like - maybe go and make those jubilee cupcakes you were wanting to bake."
"Er, sure… That's fine."
"And I'll write on your blog about it."
"Yeah? Ah, well. Definitely, then!"

That raised a chuckle. pup is always on at me to write more for her blog. I'm more of a salesman than I thought I was. If I could work out how to be a bit more of an insufferable bell-end, I could try out for the next series of The Apprentice.

After a brief discussion, we decided to use our hardcore leather hood with four straps - round the neck, chin, mouth and eyes - because it's more visually appropriate than any of our rubber ones on this occasion if we're going to take a few pics of the scene for your viewing edification. It's an impressive looking piece, all right, but it's not all that comfy - especially when my hair gets caught in the bloody zip. But them's the BDSM breaks, right? I have to say that it's only the B bit of BDSM that turns me on if I'm going to be at the bottom of it. Pain doesn't do anything (good) for me, as illustrated about 20 minutes later when I'm contentedly ensconced in my leather prison, complete with inner sleeves to render any escape attempt virtually impossible: pup's busy teasing my cock with her hands and she accidentally knocks my balls with what's probably just an over-vigorous downstroke, but which feels like a visit from Mjölnir. I yell through my hood and rear upwards involuntarily as the pain courses through me, which is quite an achievement given that the sack is roped to the bed in four places.


pup apologises, but do I sense a slight tinge of amusement in her voice? No matter: she applies herself more diligently to the job in, er, hand, applying a touch of lube. Ahh, that's more like it… she warms to her task as I relax and trust her ministrations. I can't help topping from the bottom in such situations, but she largely ignores my muffled instructions. Ohh, that's good, whatever she's up to. Incredibly, I can smell strawberries even through the heady scent of leather. Ah, she's put a condom on me. Mmm, I like that! I can feel her hot mouth. Uhh, that's amazing… she doesn't even like the taste of strawberries (that's true - pup).

I don't know how long she teased me for, but I know I could have lain there all day and taken it. she's good. Very good. Take my word for it. she brings me to the brink several times with the help of a vibrator-tip against my frenulum, judging from my groans when to take away the buzzy little blighter (that's my lovely Lelo Iris you're talking about there! - pup).  There's no way I would have the patience to give myself such pleasure. Then suddenly I cum with explosive force. Holy crap, it's the strongest one I've had this year, no competition. I lie there blissfully exhausted and pup comes down and lies next to me.

“Wow. Thanks, pup. That was awesome," I manage after a minute or so of post-orgasmic aphasia.
"Good, yeah?"
"Ohhhh, yes."

Whether we've got our kink back after that hot session is too early to say. But there was absolutely no harm in trying, that's for damn sure!

Master SingleGlove

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Ava Grace: The Beauty of Submission said...

so lovely to read about your switch :) my Master would like me to switch every now again for Him and i am finding it a struggle to get my head around, but your post just made it seem like a whole lot of fun. thanks!