Friday, April 13, 2012

A New Birthday Suit

Another year older... and still looking hawt! (i do hope you agree):

And this is my kinky present from SG - an off-the-shoulder little black leather armbinder.

i had the pleasure of trying one on when we first met Captive Kink last year and now i have my very own one. Here's a sneak preview:

For now, i am free to enjoy my birthday. So bring on the party! Let me twist your arm - have a drink on me.

And i hope to be writing soon about the other birthday girl, this girl, and last weekend's pony and pet play event (she's written a brilliant post).


Mina Lamieux said...

Happy Birthday! Looking forward to hearing about your recent adventures and seeing pics of you in your birthday gift!

xo mina

Mistress Bella said...

Ooooh that looks pretty good, I think my puppy would like something like that :) you always seem to find the best stuff :D

Mistress Bella said...

Also Happy Birthday! :P

Master's Azra said...

Happy Birthday pretty girl! Enjoy!

Sub Sweet said...

day late and a dollar short, but happy belated birthday!

I haven't tried the arm binders yet... how are those for pressure on the shoulders?