Friday, April 20, 2012

Back In The Saddle

i thought it was about time to write about our fun weekend had by all at the pony and pet play event at The Warehouse within Club Exodus, so here goes.

Meeting up with this girl, Grimly, Geetwo and maxi is something we really look forward to and so we excitedly headed up to Birmingham a couple of weekends ago.  We arrived at the hotel rather later than planned, so SG and i made a quick appearance at Geetwo and maxi's room for some quick hellos and hugs before we crashed for the night. 

The next day we arrived at The Warehouse to find a fair number of people already there, setting up carts, getting changed etc.  We were given a tour of the venue which has been transformed since last time.  We saw that many more rooms have been set up and were available for the evening event, when it turns into Club Exodus, with its various dungeons, medical room and even a very damp cellar!  It was all very exciting as we would be returning later to experience it as a fetish club.  But more on that in another post. 

So for the daytime event this girl had decided to be a pony and was keen to pull a cart and i wanted to spend some time as a puppy.  It was also this girl's birthday and a fantastic cake arrived to celebrate the occasion.  There's a photo of it on this girl's website - it was very yummy!  If only we had known at the time what the crop was made of (it was a Topic... mmm!) 

The event had scheduled in two cart racing sessions - a fastest lap time and a three lap distance race.  As it all got under way, i decided to change into my latex cat suit, PVC boots, leather mittens and padded leather collar and leash.  Grimly had kindly brought his handmade puppy hood with him and i got to try it.  It was fun and made me feel very puppy-like and submissive.  i spent some time investigating another puppy, who was rather interested in me and got a little frisky at one point!  We had a bit of a friendly fight too.  In between the racing, this girl gave me lots of attention and i was happy to sit at her feet.

After a time, the puppy hood came off and one spaced out pup returned to the real world.  Grimly told SG that we could keep it as a gift, as they don't really do puppy play.  So thank you, kind Sir!

By this stage, the distance racing was about to get underway and this girl found herself without a rider.  So, who stepped in to help her out?  And team Penny (this girl's pony name) and trinity-pup was created! i do think we were the sexiest rider and pony though, even if we did come second overall.  Nonetheless we received a rosette at the award ceremony at the end of the day.  There was also a prize for the best breed - the puppy i had played with previously won that (and well deserved too).  And no doubt, the best pony award went to Penny!

The whole day was really good fun and, as a bonus, we got to meet some new friends of this girl's - a Domme and her pony boy, as well as catching up with some other familiar faces.  Having been to the previous event in November really helped make me feel more at ease (i am a shy pup), even though then i managed to jump straight in!  But it felt really good to be there again and to spend time with our kinky friends once more. 

The night at Club Exodus beckoned... and that is another blog post!

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Mina Lamieux said...

Sounds like it was a really good time!