Monday, April 02, 2012

40 Winks Vs 40 Strokes

i previously mentioned SG's new rule of receiving a stroke from an ouchie implement for every minute past 10am that i stay in bed.

Well, last week i failed twice making a total of 40 strokes that were delivered to my bottom at the weekend. SG used the Coco De Mer paddle and the new Grimly-made studded paddle.

And it hurt! But then He did give me several forced orgasms with the Hitachi wand and then used me to His satisfaction. So it was a nice balance.

So yes, i do seem to be watching the time this morning...


Anonymous said...

WOW, I would love to spank you,
did you ever consider letting one of your blog visitors spank you.
Or spanning one of your visitor's.
that would be a good idea. What do you think?

Mistress Bella said...

Oh that is a very fascinating rule, it would definitely stop you from lying in bed and becoming lazy. I think it is a much needed rule :)

M.B. x

sbo said...
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