Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"There's so many things i want to do to her..."

i want to undress her, slowly and sensually, and gaze into her beautiful wide eyes.

Admire her sexy lingerie she's chosen just for me.

Move in closely to kiss her cherry red lips.

Press my tongue gently into her mouth.

Sense her excitement and arousal rising.

Run my hands over her soft skin: her neck, her arms, towards the top of her curvy chest.

Slip my fingers inside her bra and brush against her pert nipples.

Take over with my mouth to taste her skin and suck her firmly.

Hear her moan with pleasure and feel her body writhe against mine.

Pull her closer to me, skin on skin.

Trace my hands down her back, along her spine to make her shiver, and where my fingers find their way to rest on her hips.

Place my mouth back on her mouth: our tongues entwined.

Grind our hips against each other.

Move my fingers down to feel her wetness through the front of her panties.

Watch her head tilt back as she gasps.

Lay her down naked on the bed.

Witness her legs part to welcome my mouth.

Move down and teasingly hover above her shaved sex.

See her urge me on with her eyes.

Take in all of her sweetness and femininity.

i know she will taste devine.

Waiting for that day.


1manview said...

You have my mouth watering...

Mina Lamieux said...

I look forward to the day I meet a lady who makes me feel the same way. Lovely!

Anonymous said...

if you're writing about me you're in a trouble having naughty thoughts...if you're not writing about me you're in trouble for having naughty thoughts about someone else...

SirAnneal said...


sbo said...
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