Monday, March 12, 2012

pup's First Public Play

It's taken me this long to write about an awesome experience - our first fetish club night and my first public play! And not only that, but in the company of this girl and Grimly, who came down to stay with us for the weekend.

The club night was Transgression at The Colosseum, a play event - a collaboration between Sweet Torments and Hades/Dark - and what a night! i dressed up in my rubber dress and PVC boots, SG wore His latex catsuit under some smart trousers. This girl looked amazing in her new red latex oriental-style dress with thigh length latex boots (mmmm!), and Grimly completed the set with a 'dapper-esque' suit with top hat and tail coat, and the all important cane.

Sadly, the venue did not allow photography, so you'll have to use your imagination. But we looked damn hot!

There was a performance room with a life drawing class taking place, and when we arrived, there was a oriental shibari-bound girl modelling. She looked rather spaced out and quite serene. This room also had a stage area for the main performances, and further along from that was an objectification area that included tables and a rather interesting round ball cage.

The main room at the back was for play, with a comprehensive array of equipment, including cages, suspension points, St Andrew's crosses, whipping benches, along with medical and electrical areas, There was also a room solely for the use of rope and suspension equipment. If you wanted to play, you needed to take along your own toys and implements. This girl had a rather intriguing bag with her...

It felt quite surreal at first to be there, taking in the atmosphere and admiring other people's outfits. Most had gone to a lot of effort and it felt great to be dressed up. this girl and Grimly introduced us to some of their friends, including a lovely maid who is known as SpookyPoodle on Rubberpal. One of the main acts began a while later - a demonstration of fire play - not something that i want to try or find very interesting. Other acts that followed included some medical play, but i found myself eager to spend some time with this girl who was happy to indulge me.

We went to the objectification area and she put some Irish eight cuffs on me, before teasing me a little. She then changed them to a pair of metal shackles with a chain, teased me more and then led me over to the round ball cage. i sat in the bottom half and she shut the upper part over me. It was fun although i had to cross my legs to fit in it, which wasn't easy in PVC boots!

After that, we decided to go in search of the play area, which was very busy, but we found an unoccupied spanking bench. One side of it was spiked, but i am glad to say i was positioned at the other end of it. i laid my arms out in front of me against the leather top and waited. This girl lifted my dress up to reveal my rubber panties. Just this action made me feel excited! Then she gave me a flogging, cropping and paddling. She used her hand as a warm-up first. i didn't look round to see what she was using. She delivered very stingy strokes to my bottom for what felt like 20-30 minutes. There were a lot of people around us, using other equipment, or sitting down chatting. As my bottom burned, i could feel myself getting spacey, but at the same time, i was aware of an audience. Something i haven't experienced before while having my bottom tormented! It didn't make me feel weird either, as i was half blotting it out to concentrate on the impact play.

When we stopped, this girl gave me a hug and i could feel myself teetering a little in my boots. She told me after that we had had a bit of an audience, and even one TS guy had asked her if he could touch my bottom! i do vaguely remember hearing someone say "what a lovely bottom", but didn't realise it had been directed at me!

We met back up with Grimly and SG at the bar and by the big grin on my face, SG could tell that i'd had a good time. It was a shame that He hadn't observed what had just taken place, but He had enjoyed a good chat with Grimly. No harm done there, as He knew i wanted to spend some time with this girl.

We left a little while after and got home in the wee small hours - rubberised, weary, happy and for one of us, somewhat sore. But so worth it!

This is my bottom the morning after:

As a leaving gift, Grimly presented me with one of the implements, a studded paddle, that this girl had used on me - all made by His own fair(?) hand!

Thank you both for such an enjoyable weekend!


Anonymous said...

It was a fun weekend, thank you both for your hospitality. I look forward to seeing you in April

Cheers Grimly

Lights said...

I'm glad you had fun! That spanking thing looks scary XD