Monday, March 19, 2012

Equals Strokes

A new rule has been set by SG.

Admittedly, He doesn't give out many - maybe because i'm such a good pup! But this one is probably needed at the moment.

As i'm currently looking for work, my days don't have that much routine and so i can find myself getting a little too cosy in bed, once SG has left for work. This can mean quite a long lie in sometimes. So i'm getting lazy.

This new rule means the latest i can stay in bed is now 10am. Any time after that will result in strokes from the 'Grimly' paddle. For example, if i lie in until 10.30am, i will get 30 strokes. Each minute after 10am equals one paddle stroke. i have to text SG when i get up so He knows if i've kept to the rule. And i know i have to be honest.

Have you seen the time? i'd better get to bed!


Mina Lamieux said...

10 am is still a fantastic lie in! I think he's being reasonable. ;-P

xo mina

Anonymous said...

oh you're doomed when the clocks go forward next week! crafty SG!