Monday, February 13, 2012

And The Award Goes To...


Well, it could well have been after SG adorned me in my latex straitjacket, ballet boots and Darlex hood during the BAFTAs last night.

Then He couldn't keep His hands off me, teasing, pinching and licking my nipples as my clit burned to be touched. Of course He could sense this and reciprocated by stroking me through my wet panties. With the hood on, i was spacing out big time.

Not long after my panties were pulled off me, SG's fingers delved very deep inside me and over my wetness, gradually building up to an orgasmic frenzy. He let me come a couple of times before i heard the unbuckling of His belt and then He told me "I'm going to fuck you now".

And He so did, pushing Himself deep inside me without any gentleness, it was just pure fucking. He came so hard, if sooner than expected, but He enjoyed using His pup. she loved every moment too.

Awards? Who needs them when she's His trophy.

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mina said...

So very sexy and HOT!