Monday, January 30, 2012


He pulled my hair so hard, it made my pussy twitch. i ached for Him to be inside me. It had been a while since i had felt it that strongly.

my PJs were forced off and He pressed Himself hard on top of me. He was already naked. His hand continued to hold my hair, while His other began to slap my bare thighs.

i thrashed about on the bed, urging Him to take His puppy. He ordered me to lie face down, with my hands behind my back. He wrapped His belt tightly around my wrists. He turned me over and groped my breasts and placed His hand on my throat. More spanking ensued.

He gave me oral and my body writhed with pleasure. my back arched up and my pussy begged for His cock. i could tell He would wait no longer.

With the belt now around my throat, He pulled on it which only served to excite me even more. He ordered me to sit on Him and i felt His hardness pierce my wet sex until He was deep inside me. i moaned with delight as i rode Him slowly and deeply.

Then He turned me on all fours and took me doggy style. Nothing but hard and fast was His motive. He needed to come and with our building excitement, i felt my climax about to take hold. Together, we rode the waves of orgasm.

In sync and satiated.


Anneal said...


Faile said...

Oh, that's just wonderful in every way.

Faile x

mina said...

Isn't it wonderful to be in sync?