Friday, January 20, 2012

The Power of Love

Already midway through January and there's only been one post from me so far. Must do better!

Although it's hard to write a sex blog when there's more vanilla stuff going on instead.

And the vanilla stuff involves finding a new outlet in my love life. my heart (a small part of it) may possibly be given away. It's happening right now and the bond is growing slowly.

It's making me happy inside. And i think it's having the same effect on SG. He won't be untouched by any of this. More so, He may just fall under the same love spell.

So, what am i talking about?


We have taken on two beautiful cats from a rescue centre and they are filling our lives with their love. It's early days, but they do seem to have taken to us. Well, our vanilla world, that is!


SirAnneal said...

Meow? Woof? It's all so confusing...

the long bean said...

yes the meows will continue.. but on a more positive note, provided your play does not interfere with their normal routine they will have no problem, they may even join in...... Just remmber to make sure that the door is closed and they are not in the room!