Saturday, January 28, 2012

Four Years On

Today marks four years since SG and i met for the first time. After just a month of messages exchanged on, i took the chance to meet this guy calling himself Singleglove.

And now four years on, we continue to enjoy an amazing journey together.

So, thank You SG for coming into my life and for showing me how life can be - kinky, but more importantly, so very loving too.


Half Hidden Dad said...

Kinky and very loving - could there be a better combination? Lucky pup ;)

Lights said...

Lovely! Wonderful.

Anneal said...

I'm happy for B/both of you! Having S/someone you click with is SO important. Don't forget this!

Anonymous said...

wow, I can only dream that I could have you for one day xx

AtlantaBondage said...

Congrats and thanks for stopping by!