Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Darlex, i Think i Love You

Happy New Year!

It's four days in and my first post of the year. i was hoping to exceed my previous years posts, but somehow i didn't manage that. It was partly due to my pc deciding to pack up and a wait of six weeks while it was completely revamped.

So i don't have any excuse this year but, looking forward, i hope to have lots of new exciting experiences to share.

First kink of the year came the other morning with SG in urgent need of using His pup's body while she was still very sleepy. He was quick to place the cuffs on her and chain her to the bed. Then He ensued with some nuzzling and nibbling of her breasts, stomach and pussy. His fingers found themselves inside her wetness. This began to wake her up enough to reciprocate with pressing herself up against His hardness.

SG took the new Darlex hood and made her put it on. It felt so good and tight, with only nose and mouth holes. Then He pushed Himself deep inside her, then changed to making her sit on top of Him, as she was still hooded, and felt total pleasure from her writhing and grinding. Then came the ultimate act of taking her doggy style, making her cum, at the same time as His own release took over.

It's going to be a good year.

In other news, here's a snippet of our conversation this morning:

me: "i can't believe they've split up."

SG: "Well a leopard never changes its spots."

me: "Hmm, still can't believe it."

SG: "At least you're in with a chance with Katy now".

me: "Oh yeah..."

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Anonymous said...

Does that mean I'm in with a chance with Katy too? LOL

*head now filled with depraved thoughts*

DY x