Monday, December 31, 2012

2012... It's Been A Rollercoaster

As we say goodbye to another year, i always find myself getting reflective, thinking about the year just passed.

For me, 2012 has been a fairly good year, both in vanilla and kink terms. Maybe a little less kink than usual, but when it has reared its head, it's been very good kink. Especially so, with seeing this girl and Grimly a bit more and visits to each other's home - those have to be the kink highlight of the year.

Having received new shiny goodies from SG for Christmas, we have good reason to make time soon for a new photo session and get 2013 underway. A post for January, for sure.

i would like to thank all my readers, commenters and lurkers alike, that have kept up their support with my blog - just turned six years old. It's very much appreciated.

Here's to an exciting new year ahead.

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 24, 2012

'Twas The Night Before Christmas...

... and the night after some kinky lovin'.

Candles lit up the bedroom and an almost naked pup lured her Master to the bed. He used His dressing gown's belt to bind pup's hands. Then took place lots of fondling, nibbling, kissing and licking. It culminated in yummy pleasure for both and the physical closeness they had longed for was found and treasured.

SG and pup would like to wish you all a very happy, safe and pleasurable Christmas!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Now We Are Six

my blog is six years old today... SIX! Where did that go?! i'm not sure, but trinity pup is still blogging, even though there may be fewer monthly posts. An achievement, nonetheless, as i've seen so many blogs disappear that were around when i first started out. A little sad, but that's how life goes and it is hard to keep writing when you don't have that much to say or feel like it.

For me, the pressure i used to feel to blog has passed and now i write when i want to, not because it's expected of me. Quality rather than quantity is the key, i believe. And a new year beckons, so i am hoping that it will bring new experiences and great memories, such as those that this year certainly created.

As i've always been a big fan of Winnie-the-Pooh, and i associate a lot with Eeyore (that could be another post), i thought it apt to share this quote from the 1927 book of its creator, A.A. Milne:

Now We Are Six

When I was One,
I had just begun.
When I was Two,
I was nearly New.
When I was Three,
I was hardly me.
When I was Four,
I was not much more.
When I was Five,
I was just alive.
But now I am Six,
I'm as clever as clever,
So I think I'll be six now for ever and ever.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Congrats This Girl!

If you don't know by now, my good (and sexy) friend, this girl, came second in the 2012 Bondage Awards - what an achievement! Well done, that (this) girl!

If you haven't discovered her yet (and where have you been?), go and check out what you're missing at This Girl's Weblog.

They do say it's the taking part that counts, but in my book/blog she'll always be my number one kinkiest friend ;-)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Monday, December 03, 2012

Gas-tro Times

It wasn't until we spent a weekend up with this girl and Grimly that SG and i had given much thought to gas masks.  Strange though, as it was SG who introduced me to hoods, even an inflatable one, when i was sure that before i met Him, they were a hard limit.  To Him, they were never a kink interest anyway.  So it is weird how you can try new things and grow to love them.

So we experienced our first gas masks in Grimly's playroom (they have quite a few!) and SG was rather intrigued by them.   So much so that once back home, we started searching for them on eBay and before you knew it, we had both bid on particular masks that took our fancy and subsequently won them.  They arrived about a week later and we were both really pleased with our latest kinky apparel.  We decided to take them along to our next hotel night away and have some fun with a photo shoot.

i'm not sure if i have mentioned this previously, SG also recently bought me a zentai suit that i was going to wear at last month's pony event at The Warehouse, but sadly we could not attend this time.  So this was an opportunity to get dressed up, along with my spiked boots, and enjoy myself.

Of course, bondage had to come in to it somewhere, so the body harness was applied:

The suit, spikes and mask - such a great combo:

SG thought it would look good if i also wore my PVC mac - gotta love the shiny stuff!:

The mask, which is Russian, fits rather tightly on the face, which is its intention of course, as i may have got a slightly smaller size than desired.  However, it may feel different with more use (so Grimly assures me!).  In any case, it has definitely surprised me how your kink interests can be stretched.  

More images to come!

Monday, November 19, 2012

A Silent Reverie

A silent reverie
I'm in one now
And it feels good
I can see you there
As you usually are
Making me happy
Bringing on my smile
Wiping away the tears
Holding me close
I'm glowing inside

Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Winter is knocking gently at the door.
Won't be long before it lets itself in.
Doesn't need a key or an invite.
Before you know it, it's pulled up an armchair by the fire.

Its icy fingers have already touched the land, sprinkling white dust as it goes. It's bronzing the trees' leaves, before it gradually pulls them off.

Time to wrap up warm, my friend.
Pull up that blanket until the chill fades.
Put your arms around me and hold me tight.
And don't let go (not until April, at least).

Monday, November 05, 2012

Sparked Out

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag
Drifting through the wind, wanting to start again?
Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin
Like a house of cards, one blow from caving in?

Do you ever feel already buried deep?
Six feet under screams but no one seems to hear a thing
Do you know that there's still a chance for you
'Cause there's a spark in you?

You just gotta ignite the light and let it shine
Just own the night like the 4th of July

'Cause baby, you're a firework
Come on, show 'em what you're worth
Make 'em go, oh
As you shoot across the sky

Baby, you're a firework
Come on, let your colors burst
Make 'em go, oh
You're gonna leave 'em falling down

Hmmm, been a while since i last posted. So here i am, musing on firework night, with every intention of getting my, or rather our, spark back in the kinkiest sense.

Kink seems to be taking a back seat in our lives at the moment. It's sitting back, arms folded, having a nap. A bit more than 40 winks though, at a guess.

Vanilla life is at the forefront of our minds instead. All is well though, so don't worry. It happens to us all. i can't believe those kinksters that say they live it 24/7. i just don't think it's possible, however much we fantasise about it. The reality is much different.

Also, we couldn't make it to the pony event at The Warehouse at the weekend. It was a real shame as this girl and our other good friends were going, but these things happen. There's always next time.

Still, i'm looking forward to when that tight fitting hood and armbinder are held aloft in SG's hands, along with that evil smile of His.

Now, where did i put those sparklers?

Friday, October 05, 2012

Bringing pup To Heel

On their most recent trip, Grimly and this girl were able to visit the huge indoor shopping centre located near us.  This girl was looking for some new work clothes, but somehow we ended up in a shoe shop and found some stunning ankle boots - à la Rihanna style.  It seemed only right to try them on and, given that they looked rather sexy on this girl, we both ended up buying some.  mine have yet to be seen out in public (if i feel brave enough!), but an upcoming hotel photo shoot will definitely see them in action.

So for now, here's a preview:


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Bi Visibility Day!

i have just discovered it's Bi Visibility Day. Where have i been?

i read about it via who published this article

my sexuality is not something i shout about in my vanilla life. Within the kink community, it seems that you can be whoever you want to be - we are so much more accepting of each other.

Maybe that's a good enough reason to stay kinky too! But then of course, my attraction to hot girlies has been on the increase ;-) Well, maybe just one in particular.

Either way, to me bisexuality isn't about being greedy or the inability to make up your mind, it's about fancying someone regardless of their gender.

Still, you gotta love hot girls, huh?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


To be honest, i was very tempted to try it.

It seemed such a natural thing to do, and this girl was keen.

But i resisted! ;-)

Monday, September 10, 2012

First Feendish Weekend: In The Playroom


The long awaited post of what happened in Grimly's and this girl's playroom when SG and i went to stay is here!

Sometimes it's best to let the photos tell the story, so i'm going to do just that. What i will say is that this girl knew exactly what she wanted to dress me in and it has produced some stunning images. Of course, i can't show them all, but here's a selection that Grimly took, who became the photographer for the weekend, as this girl unleashed her Domme side.

In my rubber dress, adorned by a very cute rubber hood, with rubber fist gloves being added:

As this girl knows i love the shiny stuff, she couldn't resist putting me in cuffs:

Next, the restriction of a corset... and some restraint for me:

A little bit of teasing:

So that's part of what happened...

Oh, you wanted more?

Monday, September 03, 2012

One Night In Glasgow

The previous post from SG goes some way to explaining our club night at Rebound. i have to say i was very proud of Him trying out the spinning wheel - i knew there was no way i would have tried it! Sadly, there were no cameras allowed in the venue, but the image of SG strapped down in public will not fade in my mind.

my own fate at the hands of SG and this girl is another vivid memory. Secured to the St Andrews Cross and hooded, i was tormented with several 'ouchie' implements until my bottom was tingling and feeling very warm. i quickly spaced out too and by the end of the session (about 30 mins), i was dazed, a bit wobbly, and happy. We took some time to chill out on a sofa and i gradually came back to life.

A friendly male sub appeared and introduced himself and complimented us on our rubber outfits. He was wearing very similar PVC thigh-length boots and said he was a big rubber fan. It was cool that we had a chat with other club goers which made it feel a more intimate and friendly venue. Definitely very different from the night we experienced in London, but that was good in its own way.

We didn't stay much longer at the club after that so we changed back into our civvies, except SG kept His catsuit on underneath His clothes and i kept my rubber panties on under my leggings. We left the club with the buzz of the night's fun in our heads. The image of walking along a busy Sauchiehall Street, holding hands with SG on my right and this girl on my left, will remain in my memory for a very long time to come.

And still the playroom awaited...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

You Spin Me Right Round, Grimly, Right Round

Here's SG's tale on one of the highlights of our Feendish weekend:

I'm sure that pup will be writing on here at length in due course about our jaunt to the Dear Green Place, but I find myself obliged to report on one of our many pleasant experiences as the guests of our gracious hosts, Dr Grimly Feendish and Mrs Feendish, whom regular readers will also know as this girl.

On Saturday night we all attended Club Rebound. It was a small and intimate invitation-only event, based on an upper floor of an anonymous old office building nestled among the raucous night spots of Glasgow's main drag. 

The atmosphere was genial, the organisers made us feel welcome and the proceedings had the air of a house party, albeit probably the kinkiest house party in the world. But the cloakroom facilities for pup, this girl and me left a little to be desired amid the cramped confines of the venue. As we got changed together into our latex outfits in what could only be described as a unisex corridor, the heat and humidity of the building only added to our discomfort. It must have been in the high twenties Celsius, which, as any self-respecting rubberist knows, is not exactly in the ideal range of operating temperatures.

But we struggled manfully into our outfits: pup modelled her go-to combo of black Westward Bound skating dress and thigh-high PVC boots (always a head-turner); this girl rocked a smokin' Ferrari-red top and matching Domme skirt; and I eventually slithered into my trusty black Cocoon catsuit and bovver boots. Hot, hot, h... er,  bloody boiling. Tssss!

I thought that a dash of latex polish might cool us all down a bit, but strangely enough the opposite seemed to happen in my case as this girl hand-buffed my suit with a liberal application of silicone gloop. It's a tough life being me sometimes…

As I'm still a relative neophyte on the fetish club scene, I'd imagined that I might be self-conscious to be dressed from neck to toe in rubber for the first time among strangers, but happily I felt no such concern. In fact my overriding feeling was one of slight disappointment to find that that there were only a couple of other people there who'd bothered to rubber up – and even they weren't as fully covered. Lightweights.

We reconvened with Grimly and proceeded to a playroom that featured a nice piece of kit that works rather like one of those knife-thrower's discs to which the glamorous assistant is attached and spun 360 degrees while the blindfolded blade-bunger tries not to skewer her.  Grimly and this girl tried hard but failed to convince pup that it would be a fun ride. Instead I found myself airily agreeing to give the menacing-looking wheel a whirl myself and it wasn't long before they were busy strapping me tightly on to it in front of a curious audience of 20 or so. Also in the room there was a large steel frame under which a couple of shibari practitioners were trying to focus on their bondage origami while more people squeezed in to watch little old me. Strangely, at no point did I feel either thrilled or embarrassed at being on display in such a way. I was mainly wondering how I'd feel physically at being revolved arse over apex and feeling slightly sorry for the shibaristas for having their space invaded.

One of the hosts anxiously approached Grimly and asked him whether he knew how to operate the contraption and was firmly, but politely, put in his place. Grimly had actually made a prototype for this very wheel using parts of a Ford Fiesta many moons ago and knew perfectly well how this one worked, thank you very much for asking.

Once that was established and I was secured as tightly as possible, Dr Feendish slowly spun me 180 degrees to see what I could take. As a Dom who occasionally enjoys being on the receiving end, I've never experienced the much-vaunted "sub space" that pup can enter when she's in the right mood. she tells me that it's a trance-like floaty feeling, which is usually enjoyable, and easier to achieve when blindfolded or hooded. I decided to close my eyes in what I knew would be a vain bid to emulate her. I did get a bit of a head rush, admittedly, but only because my cranium was receiving far more blood than it knew what to do with. Grimly enquired as to my welfare and I told him I was fine. I didn't trust the thick leather straps to hold me, though, since my latex second skin was silicone-slick (try saying that when you're sober). So I kept a strong grip on the safety handles just in case. He carefully spun me upright and, after a quick debrief, we decided to go for a second rotation for luck - the rinse cycle, if you will.

On finishing my next revolution, our scene had attracted quite a crowd and I knew there were others who fancied a go, so we called a halt to proceedings. It was just as well that I'd held on to the handles, as I found that I could quite easily slip out of the arm straps unaided while Grimly and this girl released me. Minutes later, I was part of the crowd again, watching a female guest gamely riding the wheel. pup still didn't fancy it, despite seeing that it wasn't that scary after all. I didn't think she was missing much, to be honest, but I was quite satisfied that I'd mentally ticked off another item on the kinky bucket list: being played with (a little bit) in public.

Later that evening, I enjoyed the sight of this girl expertly tormenting pup on a St Andrew's cross. They don't get to see each other that much, so I'm generally reluctant to intrude on their "quality time" beyond observing their sexy antics, but I was glad to oblige when this girl asked me to lend a (spanking) hand. I'm pretty sure that pup enjoyed having her arse handed to her by her favourite pair of sadists, but she'll probably have something to say about that here herself. It's certainly fun working with this girl, who is a particularly capable Top with a sense of evil fun. pup certainly did hit sub-space during that scene and we were glad to be able to snuggle up on a sofa as she recovered from her "ordeal".

All too soon it was time to leave, but it wasn't too late for me to bust another personal fetish cherry. Rather than bother struggling out of my sopping catsuit, I decided to keep it on under my street clothes for the five-minute walk back to the car. As I sauntered past the booming bars of Glasgow's Sauchiehall Street, clad top to toe in latex, a steaming hot night suddenly felt pretty damn cool after all…

Master SingleGlove

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Feendish Weekend: An Intro

And so it came to be. SG and trinity pup made the long and arduous journey up North (well, we flew!) to visit this girl and Grimly. And it was an awesome weekend.

We were privileged to spend time in their playroom, but more on that later. We also hit the streets of Glasgow to visit a fetish party night at Club Rebound. It was a small intimate place with several rooms harbouring, among other things, a suspension frame and bondage spinning wheel, a school classroom (with porn in the desks!) and an impact play room with a St Andrew's Cross, spanking bench and cage.

This girl and Grimly introduced us to some of their friends. Apart from Grimly, we dressed up in rubber and looked really hot (and felt it!). It seemed that we were the only ones, as others were wearing school girl outfits, just their underwear or a mixture of leather and lycra. At least we made an effort!

SG has kindly written a guest post on His experience at the club. i'll be publishing it very soon. i know He'd love your comments, so if you wish, please leave Him a bark.

As a teaser, here's the array of 'goodies' that awaited me in the Feendish playroom, kindly selected by this girl, the next day:

i think you may be back to

Monday, August 13, 2012

Coming Down

i have a bruised bottom and delicious memories...

... and some really cool photos to share.

Just need to get out of this straitjacket first.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Northern Territory

Sooooo excited.... we are heading up north to visit this girl and Grimly very soon!

Amongst other things, we will see their new playroom and indulge in some kinky photo shoots. i can't wait!

puppy's play time just got massive!

Monday, July 23, 2012

One Shade Of Black

In our world, there is only one shade of black. And that is, latex!

SG and i treated ourselves to a night away at a spa hotel recently and i sought inspiration for a kinky photo shoot from this girl (she is becoming a great mentor!).

And so the idea of being dressed in latex and in a bubble bath came about. We had a lot of fun capturing these images, and what followed was even hotter than anything shown here... phew!

i wanted to be hooded too, so came the difficult task of choosing which hood to wear:

So, the re-breather tube hood won as i thought it would look cool - all ready to dip my toe in the water:

Feeling the hot water against the latex was really different, especially when you're wearing rubber pants too!:

Then it was time to add the re-breather tube and bag, for some extra fun - it felt a little weird and i got a little spacy:

One of the things i wanted to experience was wearing my ballet boots (not in the water though!), and a change of hood:

And then SG got really mean!:

i hope you enjoyed the show! There were a few more taken after this, with me secured in our latest piece of bondage - a monoglove with a difference.

If you leave me enough comments here, i may just share those photos too. Fair enough?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

i Heart This Collar

Another post for July!  

As this girl mentioned in her last blog post, SG and i were recently invited to Geetwo's and Maxi's house for a party, where we were honoured to meet JG Leathers and his wife (fantastic people!), as well as Henry.  

It was a great weekend, albeit with just a tiny smattering of kink in the form of admiring and being adorned by Henry's amazing metalwork.  He was very eager for me to try the collar, cuffs and connecting bar and I was just as keen to experience them.  The workmanship he had put into the pieces was truly outstanding. i think the collar is just so sweet and, surprisingly, wasn't too heavy on the neck - and it fitted perfectly!

i believe there is a waiting list if i want to obtain my own set, but i can be patient!  

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Masking The Truth

i am ashamed that i only managed two blog posts for the whole of June.  It's the fewest i've ever written in a month since i began my blog (unless you count last month too!).  i really must do better!

Anyway, i know that my good friend, this girl, has been keeping you more up to date with what i've been up to than i have, so i thought i should enlighten you by sharing a couple of photos taken when SG and i, along with our kinky friends Grimly, this girl, Geetwo and Maxi, experienced Club Exodus in April.  This followed the pony/pet event at The Warehouse earlier that day (written in an earlier post here).

i know it is three months ago now, but i remember the night rather well, spending most of it rubbered up and the opportunity to wear one of this girl's gas masks for the very first time.  
SG, this girl and i took ourselves off to one of the dungeon rooms for some fun.  Before the mask went on, this girl had already put a latex straitjacket and hood on me and then she and SG began to tease me.  i felt hands moving across my body, down my thighs, stroking my head and it all felt amazing.

This girl then asked me if i wanted to try the gas mask and as i was hooded already, i couldn't get scared by the look of it, so i said yes.  They're not something that SG and i have ever really been into, so i thought it was something worth trying.  Once it was on, it felt really good and the straps and feeling of enclosure around my head made me get really floaty.   As there was the opportunity to get photos taken by the club's resident photographer, SG and this girl led me through to the studio to pose for some images.  The results of which are very special and i thought i'd share just a couple of them here: 

When i came down from subspace and removed the gas mask and hood to say thank you to the photographer, i was stunned and delighted to learn it was one of my online friends from, who i've known for over four years and never met in person.  So that really made the whole evening even more special!  

In other news....  

This girl may have also mentioned me recently appearing in a hot tub, or words to that effect, and of course, it's all true!  


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Snow White

Well i have the fair skin and green eyes, just not the long, tumbling tousled hair or the seven dwarves. But hey, i wouldn't mind being swept off my feet by Kristen Stewart, who stars in the fabulous Snow White and the Huntsman.

(Spoiler alert!)
i was happy to learn that she doesn't end up with either her childhood sweetheart or the huntsman. She is her own woman. Perhaps she plays for the other team?

Maybe there should be more movies that don't rely so heavily on strong manly characters who women believe can make everything better (usually by shagging them). We women can make it on our own, if we so choose, and i hope i'm not sounding like a feminist here either. Let's hear it for strong women.

And just maybe there is a fair (slightly evil) bi switch/domme out there plotting to take charge of an innocent, submissive Snow White.

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Sunday, June 03, 2012


my sweet Sir has honoured us with His presence to write a guest blog post. 

Hello, dear readers,

It's been ages since I've had occasion to write here, but today's a special day. Good Queen Liz is celebrating 60 years on the job, as it were, which is a remarkable achievement, given that we're always being told that there's no such thing as a job for life these days. Yeah, she has plenty of perks, but all the money in the world wouldn't persuade me to sit through all those godawful royal variety performances while trying to look interested rather than slightly nauseous on account of the new-paint smell that must accompany her wherever she goes.

Anyway, as ever, I digress. I was going to tell you why today is a special day: pup and I switched for the first time in about a year. It came about pretty spontaneously, too. And it was good.

Let me level with you: pup and I have both lost our va-va-voom over the past two or three months for various reasons. pup's been looking for a job since Christmas - her first long break from work for some years now - and she's starting to wonder whether she'll ever find the kind of job she wants.  We've had pretty much constant building work on the house, which still isn't quite finished. This has been amazingly disruptive, pup's had to manage much of the project, since she's been the one stuck at home, and we've had to store all our kinky stuff out of the way of nosy builders. And at New Year my workplace relocated further away from our home, lengthening my commute and making me so tired when I eventually return home that I'm falling asleep in my dinner on weekdays, more often than not.

Obviously, none of these things has had a positive effect on our sex/kink life and I think that has been preying on our minds of late. A saving grace, I suppose, is that we've both been feeling the same way, so we haven't had a situation where one of us is climbing the wall with frustration while the other sits there watching them.

It's a good job that our relationship, which started because of kink, is based on much more than that. Have I mentioned anywhere that pup is a wonderful, multi-faceted person whom I love very much? Hope so!

Another saving grace is that we've been spreading our wings and meeting more fellow kinksters at fetish parties this year, as pup has described on these very pages. We're really looking forward to seeing some good friends, including the delectable thisgirl and evil genius Grimly, at Geetwo’s and maxi's country mansion of Kink next weekend.

And that was part of why we played today: I felt as though we needed to make a bit of an effort to get in the mood before our impending escape to the country, seeing as there were no pressing engagements to attend and a long weekend in which not to attend them. Thanks, Queenie.

As we enjoyed the luxury of our Sunday morning lie-in, pup's hands wandered downwards and ran her fingers down the front of my shorts, giving me no little pleasure - and some inspiration. A mad idea came to me in a flash (don't mad ideas always do that?):
"pup, would you do something for me?"
"Let's try a switching session."
"Not if you don't want to. I just thought it might get help us get our kink on before next weekend. We haven't switched for about a year, probably. It might work."
"OK, what do you have in mind?"
"Just a session in the leather sleepsack. Nothing more. You can leave me to my own devices if you like - maybe go and make those jubilee cupcakes you were wanting to bake."
"Er, sure… That's fine."
"And I'll write on your blog about it."
"Yeah? Ah, well. Definitely, then!"

That raised a chuckle. pup is always on at me to write more for her blog. I'm more of a salesman than I thought I was. If I could work out how to be a bit more of an insufferable bell-end, I could try out for the next series of The Apprentice.

After a brief discussion, we decided to use our hardcore leather hood with four straps - round the neck, chin, mouth and eyes - because it's more visually appropriate than any of our rubber ones on this occasion if we're going to take a few pics of the scene for your viewing edification. It's an impressive looking piece, all right, but it's not all that comfy - especially when my hair gets caught in the bloody zip. But them's the BDSM breaks, right? I have to say that it's only the B bit of BDSM that turns me on if I'm going to be at the bottom of it. Pain doesn't do anything (good) for me, as illustrated about 20 minutes later when I'm contentedly ensconced in my leather prison, complete with inner sleeves to render any escape attempt virtually impossible: pup's busy teasing my cock with her hands and she accidentally knocks my balls with what's probably just an over-vigorous downstroke, but which feels like a visit from Mjölnir. I yell through my hood and rear upwards involuntarily as the pain courses through me, which is quite an achievement given that the sack is roped to the bed in four places.


pup apologises, but do I sense a slight tinge of amusement in her voice? No matter: she applies herself more diligently to the job in, er, hand, applying a touch of lube. Ahh, that's more like it… she warms to her task as I relax and trust her ministrations. I can't help topping from the bottom in such situations, but she largely ignores my muffled instructions. Ohh, that's good, whatever she's up to. Incredibly, I can smell strawberries even through the heady scent of leather. Ah, she's put a condom on me. Mmm, I like that! I can feel her hot mouth. Uhh, that's amazing… she doesn't even like the taste of strawberries (that's true - pup).

I don't know how long she teased me for, but I know I could have lain there all day and taken it. she's good. Very good. Take my word for it. she brings me to the brink several times with the help of a vibrator-tip against my frenulum, judging from my groans when to take away the buzzy little blighter (that's my lovely Lelo Iris you're talking about there! - pup).  There's no way I would have the patience to give myself such pleasure. Then suddenly I cum with explosive force. Holy crap, it's the strongest one I've had this year, no competition. I lie there blissfully exhausted and pup comes down and lies next to me.

“Wow. Thanks, pup. That was awesome," I manage after a minute or so of post-orgasmic aphasia.
"Good, yeah?"
"Ohhhh, yes."

Whether we've got our kink back after that hot session is too early to say. But there was absolutely no harm in trying, that's for damn sure!

Master SingleGlove

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Do Ya Think i'm Sexy?

Come on baby, let me know...

(i'm still here)

Sunday, May 06, 2012

The Quiet Kinksters

It's been quiet round here kink-wise, as real life entails looking for work, fun with our new cats and the chaos of having a new bathroom put in from scratch.

So bondage and submission hasn't reared its head for a while and we hope that we can find time soon to enjoy that part of our lives again:  the stuff that makes us feel alive.  The leather shoulder armbinder; she waits patiently. 

In the meantime, i thought you might like a vanilla photo, while we part-time kinksters get back to it (although there is an interesting bruise on my thigh!).

Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Year Already

It's a year since you've been sleeping.

Still missing you so much.

But know that you live on, in my heart.

Rest well, little one.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Back In The Saddle

i thought it was about time to write about our fun weekend had by all at the pony and pet play event at The Warehouse within Club Exodus, so here goes.

Meeting up with this girl, Grimly, Geetwo and maxi is something we really look forward to and so we excitedly headed up to Birmingham a couple of weekends ago.  We arrived at the hotel rather later than planned, so SG and i made a quick appearance at Geetwo and maxi's room for some quick hellos and hugs before we crashed for the night. 

The next day we arrived at The Warehouse to find a fair number of people already there, setting up carts, getting changed etc.  We were given a tour of the venue which has been transformed since last time.  We saw that many more rooms have been set up and were available for the evening event, when it turns into Club Exodus, with its various dungeons, medical room and even a very damp cellar!  It was all very exciting as we would be returning later to experience it as a fetish club.  But more on that in another post. 

So for the daytime event this girl had decided to be a pony and was keen to pull a cart and i wanted to spend some time as a puppy.  It was also this girl's birthday and a fantastic cake arrived to celebrate the occasion.  There's a photo of it on this girl's website - it was very yummy!  If only we had known at the time what the crop was made of (it was a Topic... mmm!) 

The event had scheduled in two cart racing sessions - a fastest lap time and a three lap distance race.  As it all got under way, i decided to change into my latex cat suit, PVC boots, leather mittens and padded leather collar and leash.  Grimly had kindly brought his handmade puppy hood with him and i got to try it.  It was fun and made me feel very puppy-like and submissive.  i spent some time investigating another puppy, who was rather interested in me and got a little frisky at one point!  We had a bit of a friendly fight too.  In between the racing, this girl gave me lots of attention and i was happy to sit at her feet.

After a time, the puppy hood came off and one spaced out pup returned to the real world.  Grimly told SG that we could keep it as a gift, as they don't really do puppy play.  So thank you, kind Sir!

By this stage, the distance racing was about to get underway and this girl found herself without a rider.  So, who stepped in to help her out?  And team Penny (this girl's pony name) and trinity-pup was created! i do think we were the sexiest rider and pony though, even if we did come second overall.  Nonetheless we received a rosette at the award ceremony at the end of the day.  There was also a prize for the best breed - the puppy i had played with previously won that (and well deserved too).  And no doubt, the best pony award went to Penny!

The whole day was really good fun and, as a bonus, we got to meet some new friends of this girl's - a Domme and her pony boy, as well as catching up with some other familiar faces.  Having been to the previous event in November really helped make me feel more at ease (i am a shy pup), even though then i managed to jump straight in!  But it felt really good to be there again and to spend time with our kinky friends once more. 

The night at Club Exodus beckoned... and that is another blog post!

Friday, April 13, 2012

A New Birthday Suit

Another year older... and still looking hawt! (i do hope you agree):

And this is my kinky present from SG - an off-the-shoulder little black leather armbinder.

i had the pleasure of trying one on when we first met Captive Kink last year and now i have my very own one. Here's a sneak preview:

For now, i am free to enjoy my birthday. So bring on the party! Let me twist your arm - have a drink on me.

And i hope to be writing soon about the other birthday girl, this girl, and last weekend's pony and pet play event (she's written a brilliant post).

Monday, April 02, 2012

40 Winks Vs 40 Strokes

i previously mentioned SG's new rule of receiving a stroke from an ouchie implement for every minute past 10am that i stay in bed.

Well, last week i failed twice making a total of 40 strokes that were delivered to my bottom at the weekend. SG used the Coco De Mer paddle and the new Grimly-made studded paddle.

And it hurt! But then He did give me several forced orgasms with the Hitachi wand and then used me to His satisfaction. So it was a nice balance.

So yes, i do seem to be watching the time this morning...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"There's so many things i want to do to her..."

i want to undress her, slowly and sensually, and gaze into her beautiful wide eyes.

Admire her sexy lingerie she's chosen just for me.

Move in closely to kiss her cherry red lips.

Press my tongue gently into her mouth.

Sense her excitement and arousal rising.

Run my hands over her soft skin: her neck, her arms, towards the top of her curvy chest.

Slip my fingers inside her bra and brush against her pert nipples.

Take over with my mouth to taste her skin and suck her firmly.

Hear her moan with pleasure and feel her body writhe against mine.

Pull her closer to me, skin on skin.

Trace my hands down her back, along her spine to make her shiver, and where my fingers find their way to rest on her hips.

Place my mouth back on her mouth: our tongues entwined.

Grind our hips against each other.

Move my fingers down to feel her wetness through the front of her panties.

Watch her head tilt back as she gasps.

Lay her down naked on the bed.

Witness her legs part to welcome my mouth.

Move down and teasingly hover above her shaved sex.

See her urge me on with her eyes.

Take in all of her sweetness and femininity.

i know she will taste devine.

Waiting for that day.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Equals Strokes

A new rule has been set by SG.

Admittedly, He doesn't give out many - maybe because i'm such a good pup! But this one is probably needed at the moment.

As i'm currently looking for work, my days don't have that much routine and so i can find myself getting a little too cosy in bed, once SG has left for work. This can mean quite a long lie in sometimes. So i'm getting lazy.

This new rule means the latest i can stay in bed is now 10am. Any time after that will result in strokes from the 'Grimly' paddle. For example, if i lie in until 10.30am, i will get 30 strokes. Each minute after 10am equals one paddle stroke. i have to text SG when i get up so He knows if i've kept to the rule. And i know i have to be honest.

Have you seen the time? i'd better get to bed!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

HNT: Six Of The Best

i'm going to see the Headmaster today.

This is what i'm wearing for him... UNDER my suit, of course.

Maybe he'll ask me to bend over his desk and give me six of the best.

But if i'm really good, he may give me the job to be his personal assistant, no less.

Either way, wish me luck.

Happy HNT!

Monday, March 12, 2012

pup's First Public Play

It's taken me this long to write about an awesome experience - our first fetish club night and my first public play! And not only that, but in the company of this girl and Grimly, who came down to stay with us for the weekend.

The club night was Transgression at The Colosseum, a play event - a collaboration between Sweet Torments and Hades/Dark - and what a night! i dressed up in my rubber dress and PVC boots, SG wore His latex catsuit under some smart trousers. This girl looked amazing in her new red latex oriental-style dress with thigh length latex boots (mmmm!), and Grimly completed the set with a 'dapper-esque' suit with top hat and tail coat, and the all important cane.

Sadly, the venue did not allow photography, so you'll have to use your imagination. But we looked damn hot!

There was a performance room with a life drawing class taking place, and when we arrived, there was a oriental shibari-bound girl modelling. She looked rather spaced out and quite serene. This room also had a stage area for the main performances, and further along from that was an objectification area that included tables and a rather interesting round ball cage.

The main room at the back was for play, with a comprehensive array of equipment, including cages, suspension points, St Andrew's crosses, whipping benches, along with medical and electrical areas, There was also a room solely for the use of rope and suspension equipment. If you wanted to play, you needed to take along your own toys and implements. This girl had a rather intriguing bag with her...

It felt quite surreal at first to be there, taking in the atmosphere and admiring other people's outfits. Most had gone to a lot of effort and it felt great to be dressed up. this girl and Grimly introduced us to some of their friends, including a lovely maid who is known as SpookyPoodle on Rubberpal. One of the main acts began a while later - a demonstration of fire play - not something that i want to try or find very interesting. Other acts that followed included some medical play, but i found myself eager to spend some time with this girl who was happy to indulge me.

We went to the objectification area and she put some Irish eight cuffs on me, before teasing me a little. She then changed them to a pair of metal shackles with a chain, teased me more and then led me over to the round ball cage. i sat in the bottom half and she shut the upper part over me. It was fun although i had to cross my legs to fit in it, which wasn't easy in PVC boots!

After that, we decided to go in search of the play area, which was very busy, but we found an unoccupied spanking bench. One side of it was spiked, but i am glad to say i was positioned at the other end of it. i laid my arms out in front of me against the leather top and waited. This girl lifted my dress up to reveal my rubber panties. Just this action made me feel excited! Then she gave me a flogging, cropping and paddling. She used her hand as a warm-up first. i didn't look round to see what she was using. She delivered very stingy strokes to my bottom for what felt like 20-30 minutes. There were a lot of people around us, using other equipment, or sitting down chatting. As my bottom burned, i could feel myself getting spacey, but at the same time, i was aware of an audience. Something i haven't experienced before while having my bottom tormented! It didn't make me feel weird either, as i was half blotting it out to concentrate on the impact play.

When we stopped, this girl gave me a hug and i could feel myself teetering a little in my boots. She told me after that we had had a bit of an audience, and even one TS guy had asked her if he could touch my bottom! i do vaguely remember hearing someone say "what a lovely bottom", but didn't realise it had been directed at me!

We met back up with Grimly and SG at the bar and by the big grin on my face, SG could tell that i'd had a good time. It was a shame that He hadn't observed what had just taken place, but He had enjoyed a good chat with Grimly. No harm done there, as He knew i wanted to spend some time with this girl.

We left a little while after and got home in the wee small hours - rubberised, weary, happy and for one of us, somewhat sore. But so worth it!

This is my bottom the morning after:

As a leaving gift, Grimly presented me with one of the implements, a studded paddle, that this girl had used on me - all made by His own fair(?) hand!

Thank you both for such an enjoyable weekend!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

29th February

It's THAT date. The one that occurs every four years.

And the previous 29th of February was spent at SG's for the very first time. He lured me into His den and we turned online kinky chat into reality. i gave up control and we played for the first time. His unused monoglove and ball gag harness found its purpose.

And what an exquisite feeling it was: to explore submission with someone i had only known for just two months. It seems almost surreal now, but four years on, i remember it so fondly. It felt so right and it still is.

Even though it flits in between real life these days, our kink remains. We have new experiences ahead to look forward to - very soon, in fact. But reminiscing is so much fun too.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Birthday, SG!

It's my Owner's birthday and this is a small post especially for my sweetest love.

Hope you have a fab day.

Love you lots.

Your pup x

Thursday, February 23, 2012

HNT: Morning Glory

my HNT is an image i've taken just a few moments ago, in the aftermath of some bondage and hot sex.

Wearing SG's pjs, my two collars (the Darlex hood now removed) and not much else:

Happy HNT!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

HNT: Gone Paddling

Yes, another blog post - three days running! And for once, it's a post with a picture.

my gorgeous rubberwood paddle from Coco de Mer (New York, where else?) is becoming quite a feature of my solo playtimes recently. And on checking the archives, i stumbled upon this image from September 2010 and thought i would share:

It brings back delicious memories.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Long Lost Valentine

I t's quite amazing when you realise how 

L ong it was before we finally found each
O ther. And these last four years together are 
V ery special to me. I just want to say that 
E very day since is a bonus. 

Y ou came into my life at the right time and
O thers have come and gone but you are 
U nfailing.  

I Love You.

Monday, February 13, 2012

And The Award Goes To...


Well, it could well have been after SG adorned me in my latex straitjacket, ballet boots and Darlex hood during the BAFTAs last night.

Then He couldn't keep His hands off me, teasing, pinching and licking my nipples as my clit burned to be touched. Of course He could sense this and reciprocated by stroking me through my wet panties. With the hood on, i was spacing out big time.

Not long after my panties were pulled off me, SG's fingers delved very deep inside me and over my wetness, gradually building up to an orgasmic frenzy. He let me come a couple of times before i heard the unbuckling of His belt and then He told me "I'm going to fuck you now".

And He so did, pushing Himself deep inside me without any gentleness, it was just pure fucking. He came so hard, if sooner than expected, but He enjoyed using His pup. she loved every moment too.

Awards? Who needs them when she's His trophy.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Washroom Wonders

SG and i went out to dinner a few months ago, nothing unusual about that. But what really surprised me was the artwork in the ladies toilets. i found it really amusing, and rather cool that i had to take photos:

Could they have been modelled on me? ;-)

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

A Spanking New Month!

Phwoar! What a way to start February! It certainly put a smile on my face and a glint in my eye.

What am i talking about? THIS!

Keira Knightley appears in a VERY sexy photo shoot in this month's GQ and this has to be my favourite image.

She's also in a new film, "A Dangerous Method", playing a patient under doctor Carl Jung who experiments with her, using Sigmund Freud's controversial methods.

And she gets spanked! SG and i are going to see the preview next week. Can't wait!

And on a personal note, i'm so pleased how well Keira took my direction with this particular pose too ;-) She must have paid close attention to my previous blog post.

Happy February!

Monday, January 30, 2012


He pulled my hair so hard, it made my pussy twitch. i ached for Him to be inside me. It had been a while since i had felt it that strongly.

my PJs were forced off and He pressed Himself hard on top of me. He was already naked. His hand continued to hold my hair, while His other began to slap my bare thighs.

i thrashed about on the bed, urging Him to take His puppy. He ordered me to lie face down, with my hands behind my back. He wrapped His belt tightly around my wrists. He turned me over and groped my breasts and placed His hand on my throat. More spanking ensued.

He gave me oral and my body writhed with pleasure. my back arched up and my pussy begged for His cock. i could tell He would wait no longer.

With the belt now around my throat, He pulled on it which only served to excite me even more. He ordered me to sit on Him and i felt His hardness pierce my wet sex until He was deep inside me. i moaned with delight as i rode Him slowly and deeply.

Then He turned me on all fours and took me doggy style. Nothing but hard and fast was His motive. He needed to come and with our building excitement, i felt my climax about to take hold. Together, we rode the waves of orgasm.

In sync and satiated.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Four Years On

Today marks four years since SG and i met for the first time. After just a month of messages exchanged on, i took the chance to meet this guy calling himself Singleglove.

And now four years on, we continue to enjoy an amazing journey together.

So, thank You SG for coming into my life and for showing me how life can be - kinky, but more importantly, so very loving too.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Power of Love

Already midway through January and there's only been one post from me so far. Must do better!

Although it's hard to write a sex blog when there's more vanilla stuff going on instead.

And the vanilla stuff involves finding a new outlet in my love life. my heart (a small part of it) may possibly be given away. It's happening right now and the bond is growing slowly.

It's making me happy inside. And i think it's having the same effect on SG. He won't be untouched by any of this. More so, He may just fall under the same love spell.

So, what am i talking about?


We have taken on two beautiful cats from a rescue centre and they are filling our lives with their love. It's early days, but they do seem to have taken to us. Well, our vanilla world, that is!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Darlex, i Think i Love You

Happy New Year!

It's four days in and my first post of the year. i was hoping to exceed my previous years posts, but somehow i didn't manage that. It was partly due to my pc deciding to pack up and a wait of six weeks while it was completely revamped.

So i don't have any excuse this year but, looking forward, i hope to have lots of new exciting experiences to share.

First kink of the year came the other morning with SG in urgent need of using His pup's body while she was still very sleepy. He was quick to place the cuffs on her and chain her to the bed. Then He ensued with some nuzzling and nibbling of her breasts, stomach and pussy. His fingers found themselves inside her wetness. This began to wake her up enough to reciprocate with pressing herself up against His hardness.

SG took the new Darlex hood and made her put it on. It felt so good and tight, with only nose and mouth holes. Then He pushed Himself deep inside her, then changed to making her sit on top of Him, as she was still hooded, and felt total pleasure from her writhing and grinding. Then came the ultimate act of taking her doggy style, making her cum, at the same time as His own release took over.

It's going to be a good year.

In other news, here's a snippet of our conversation this morning:

me: "i can't believe they've split up."

SG: "Well a leopard never changes its spots."

me: "Hmm, still can't believe it."

SG: "At least you're in with a chance with Katy now".

me: "Oh yeah..."