Thursday, December 01, 2011

Trinity Pony and Her Mistress

Our recent foray into pony play was fantastic fun. Well, it involved SG, this girl, Grimly, Geetwo and Maxi, so why wouldn't it?

The last time we all got together was at BBB in April, and for SG and me that had been our first public kinkster event. So when this girl invited us to the pony play event, it was a natural step up or, shall we say, a trot from our usual walk.

The venue was really cool. In a previous time, it had been an old industrial warehouse and it was rather cold. It had two very large spaces for the gathering of ponies, owners and kinksters, as well as cart racing, with a smaller room for using single tails and whips, and a studio room for photography shoots.

We got there from the starting line and could only see a handful of people chatting to begin with, and the setting up of carts. i honestly thought i would just be happy to observe the whole time and probably be way too shy to dress up. i had brought my catsuit and boots along in any case. i knew this girl had also brought along some pony gear for me, in case i was tempted. And once we arrived, something inside was prompting me to get my rubber on and let people see my kinky side in public for the very first time.

In the next moment, i was frantically, with a lot of exhilaration and anticipation, pulling my catsuit and boots on. With SG's help in the ladies toilet (hilarious!), i was good to go and ready to trot into the main hall. As i did so, there were nothing but appreciative looks. It felt fantastic to be admired, if only for those few moments. And i knew if i did nothing else, i'd be very happy.

This girl looked fantastic in her riding mistress outfit. She definitely looked the part. i was curious to see another side to her. By this time i'd made up my mind and was very willing to be her pony. So she set about dressing me up in her Grimly-sed body harness which was like a corset with a leather and metal crotch strap to hold me in place, wrist cuffs (that she delighted in padlocking on), neck corset, tail piece (loved swishing that), reins and bells! i loved those and felt the need to jump occasionally to make them jingle! To complete the ensemble, i also wore a leather head harness, complete with blinkers and bit. This girl also gleefully attached my cuffs to my sides temporarily. Poor Maxi had her hands behind her back for a fair amount of time, so i was rather grateful!

Here's a closer look at my attire:

As i stood there showing myself off, it felt great. Before the event, i had no idea of what i'd feel comfortable doing, but knowing i was among so many others who enjoyed the same kink, made me feel very liberated, even in bondage! It actually felt quite natural after a couple of hours. The only discomfort was that my rubber catsuit was fairly difficult to wear after such a long time with my boots, as well as the effects of being in such a cold building! But i persevered and i am so pleased i did.

The photos on this girl's blog show both Maxi (Geetwo's gorgeous pony) and i posing for the camera, with Grimly as photographer. That was immense fun. i've posted one of those photos here, as it is one of my favourites. SG thoroughly enjoyed the whole event, even though He didn't partake, but was very happy to observe and admire. He told me He was impressed that i'd taken the plunge to get so involved. i had made Him very proud. We also observed some amazing suspension bondage taking place in the hallway. It's definitely something that we'd also like to try.

Later in the day there were pony cart races. The other ponies and riders who took part looked and raced like real troupers. Prior to that, this girl had led me around the large hall holding my reins (complete with crop), in front of a fair number of spectators. i had already told her that i didn't want to partake in pulling carts or racing. She already had a (part-time) pony in mind anyway. For me, i think that would have been a canter too far and in any case, i wanted to play the mischievous pony. i'll leave it up to you to guess what that may have en-tailed. So no sugar lumps for me!

Pony play is definitely something i'd like to try again, but i do think i'm a pup by nature. Always cool to try new things. Best fetlock forward and all that!


Anonymous said...

Not my bag at all but so glad you had fun and hey, as you say, always good to try something new!


Mina said...

i'm a pup myself but have always been intrigued by pony play. it's interesting to read your take on it! congrats to your new foray.

xo m

New to the pleasures of Pup! said...

Hi Pup,hope you are well. You look very very sexy in your rubber suit and pony girl gear,esp with the pony tail! Are there any more pictures of you wearing it all?! Well done for taking the plunge in public,and i'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Thanks and take care Pup.

DomN8t said...

This isn't something I/we have considered or been involved with but good on you, sounds like you had fun!

SirAnneal said...


Tanos said...

Glad you enjoyed it :) The next The Warehouse event on is on Saturday 7th April and we're hoping to have more puppy and kitten play this time, in addition to the ponies and singletail whips.

Anonymous said...

pup, you look fantastic all suited up like that. The closeup shot leaves me gasping, as it might have left you! Isn't it great when a nominal subby like thisgirl takes charge? Role reversal is a bitch, and she is big trouble, and we love it.