Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye... and Welcome

New Year's Eve has never been a good friend of mine. i have always felt sad as the hours and minutes tick away, even if it has been a good year. i should say that the past couple of NYE celebrations have been great and this year should be no exception: SG and i are planning to enjoy a nice meal out and see the new year in - on the beach.

And i can say that 2011 has been dandy - in both senses of our lives. i've just celebrated five years of my blog and four years since SG's first contact with me. Our kinky side has taken off in a huge way as we've met up with fellow kinksters over the year.

It's been great to see our friends Elves on a couple occasions and experience their fab dungeon. We are looking forward to catching up with them again in the not too distant future.

And we were also thrilled to meet for the first time this girl and Grimly, and their friends Geetwo and Maxi, at BBB (our first ever BDSM event) and our recent pony play day. Not forgetting our fantastic weekend at Captive Kink's house and this girl. We have plans to meet them all again in the spring.

Also, of course there are all the photo shoots that SG and i have experimented with, including our first foray with the great outdoors!

Fun times, indeed. And more to come next year, let's hope.

And there's a good chance of that. Especially when your kinky partner buys you a Darlex straitjacket dress and matching hood for Christmas! That may well be our first photo project of the year.

A fond farewell to 2011 and a big bear/SG and puppy hug in welcoming in an exciting new year they call 2012.

See you next year!


Anonymous said...

happy new year

Anonymous said...

All the very best for a super kinky 2012!

Bring it on I say!

DY x

Geetwo said...

May 2012 be a great year for you and we very much hope to see you in West Wales at some point.

Geetwo and maxi