Tuesday, November 01, 2011

A Quick Dip

Take one hot tub and some relaxation, followed by a hot soapy shower in your hotel bathroom - what do you get?

A very aroused Master and His pup, amorously kissing, groping and aching for each other. Hands stroking body parts, juices flowing, with the need to connect.

The solution?

SG's plan to take His aroused pup, bent over the sink, and push His hardness into her wetness. This action results in many squeals and moans, as pup's
pleasure takes control. she feels her climax building very quickly.

But she needs to feel more and reaches for the dressing gown's belt hanging on the door. SG places it around her throat and holds it tightly, as He pushes deeper into her and cups His hand over her mouth. These small additions mean so much to pup and always helps to fuel her excitement.

Just a few moments later, with SG's permission to come granted, pup lets go completely allowing her orgasm to melt over her whole body. SG wasn't too far behind, so to speak ;-) Our pleasure was so needed and quick to attain and enjoy, given that it usually takes a little longer to reach this point. i put it down to being so relaxed beforehand

It was very yummy and what others would call a quickie. For me, it was certainly the best quickie i've ever had!

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delectablyyours said...

Quickies sure can be cathartic and mind clearing.