Friday, October 28, 2011

She Is His

The fire's warm glow lightens her face as she kneels before it.

Her hands behind her back hold her ankles.

Her head bowed in contemplation and submission.

Naked, but for His collar, and vulnerable before Him.

Her soul is willing and her body is eager to please.

So much love in her heart to give.

She is His.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Last Night

Climaxed (x3)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Missing your touch: your soft skin brushing against my body.

Missing your face: your wide eyes gazing at me.

Missing your lips: your gentle mouth on mine.

Missing your voice: your sweet whisperings in my ear.

Missing you.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

We Had A Bed Day

Sadly our plans for a dungeon photo shoot had to be postponed due to illness from one half of Elves on Sunday.

But somehow SG and i made our own entertainment by spending most of the day in bed. In that time, SG tied me spreadeagled, collared with my thick padded collar and ball gagged, before torturing me with the Hitachi. He made me come four times in quick succession. Each one was a very yummy orgasm, spent mostly screaming through my gag. Then He teased my very wet pussy with His fingers, edging deep inside. It was almost too much to take, as my clit was still coming down from the wand's vibes.

After that, i was begging Him to be inside me, as He was about to use the Lelo on me. By that point, i needed to feel His body as close as possible, in the most physical way we connect to each other.

He sensed i was feeling cold and snuggled up to me with the duvet to warm us up first. As i lay there i realised how i wanted the next scene to play out. After getting warm, i reached for my ballet boots and laced them up. i was naked, but for my collar (and feeling rather sexy) and i began to stroke Him, getting Him big and hard, and He knew what was next.

i wanted to ride Him, so i climbed on top, and He filled me and it was divine. Slow and methodical at first as the pleasure flowed through us, then faster and deeper to excite us more. SG ended up climaxing in doggy style (what else?), thrusting into His bitch puppy and letting it all go.

We fell asleep in each other's arms, cosy and warm under the bed covers. We woke up late afternoon feeling somewhat hungry - for food this time! It was lovely unplanned time spent on the two of us.

We all need a bed day, don't we? zzz...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Heel, pup, Heel!

Another shortish post, but it's a post nonetheless!

The gorgeous ballet boots SG bought me arrived a few weeks - and they fit! i guess it helped trying on this girl's pair when i became a pup at Captive Kink's play weekend, as we found out we take the same size.

i've only worn them twice so far. They make me feel extremely submissive. The fact that i can't walk in them (yet!) and have to crawl instead adds to it! They feel awesome as i lace them up.

So i thought it only right to post a photo of them after they first came out of their box.

They'll also be making another appearance on my blog soon, in a more professional way, ahead of our dungeon photo session with our good friends Elves this weekend. Time to play dress up and get tied up - good times!