Monday, August 29, 2011

Sunday Bliss

Here's one for all you foot fetishists.

This was how i spent part of Sunday morning...

Restrained in the leather straitjacket.
Adorned with ankle cuffs and chains.
Hogtied by the SJ's crotch straps, toes secured with rope (about to be added).
Ball gagged, lying face down on the bed.

... just the way He likes me.

Then SG teased me with the Lelo and made me cum twice. He gave me a moment to rest, before He turned me over and had His wicked way (and He can be very wicked).

After that, i was a very lucky pup as He allowed me take control of the Lelo to pleasure myself a bit more, as He fingered me deeply. It felt amazingly delicious.

We were two very blissed out soul mates, snuggled in each other's arms.

Cute toes, huh?


Anonymous said...

Sunday bliss indeed ha ha!

Anonymous said...

wow, he is so lucky, xxx

DomN8t said...

That sounds good! That's the sort of stuff Sundays should be for.