Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pos(ey)ing For Captive Kink

You'll find me making a guest appearance over at this girl's blog, following a fantastic weekend of fun, courtesy of her good friend - the infamous Captive Kink.

Before this, we thought it only right to firstly meet up with the man behind the website, to help us feel more at ease for our planned session of dress-up and bondage, all to be captured on camera. We arranged to meet up with CK before he headed off to BBB last month. We found him to be a very likeable, laid-back guy and enjoyed a good chat over drinks and dinner.

He mentioned he had brought a couple of items with him that appear on his website, modelled by sexy red-headed models (and much admired by us), so it was enough to tempt us back to his hotel room to investigate further.

One (of many) cute images that appears on this girl's blog is on her intro page - a Posey straitjacket. Having seen that, and as CK mentioned he had brought it with him, it didn't take me long to want to try it on. i wore it initially on its own for some private photos. i also wanted to share a photo on here, so CK placed a heavy rubber hood on me that also had flaps that zipped up over the face. It looked quite ominous at first, but it felt great.


Something else that especially catches my eye on Captive Kink's site, and again modelled by this girl, is a blue leather armbinder so i was very eager to give it a go. CK decided to complement it (much to my surprise) with a blue blindfold/gag that filled my mouth almost too much, as it slightly touched the back of my throat, but it certainly kept me quiet.


no escape

From wearing the Posey and rubber hood, i began to hit subspace so Captive Kink and SG let me float off for a time. Little did i know what our next meet with this girl might entail...

As i mentioned, you can see first photos on this girl's blog and Captive Kink will be adding more to his website. i shall try and catch up soon with some of my own here.


Richy said...

Truly a fun first meeting. I was so glad that we did it, because it made last weekend much more relaxed for all of us. Looking forward to the next installment.

You look really cute spaced out in a posey.

Anonymous said...

Cool pics! Sounds like, once again, you had a brilliant time.

DY x

DomN8t said...

Nice, I saw this girls post too, looking forward to the next installment already.