Wednesday, August 17, 2011

And They Call It Puppy Love

You'll hopefully have seen the photo of me on this girl's blog, playing as a puppy. It seemed such a natural thing to do, so when Richy, aka Captive Kink, asked me if i'd like to become a pup, Captive Kink-style, how could i refuse? He told me he'd been reading up on my blog and had come to realise how much i loved bondage, chains and puppy play.

i borrowed this girl's ballet boots and they fitted perfectly! They looked and felt awesome too. Richy helped me to see if i could stand up in them - and i did, if only for a few seconds! It was hard going on the toes though, but an achievement nonetheless. i need to buy a pair now! Then i was put back on all fours while Richy transformed me. Leather mittens for paws, ankle cuffs, the double-flap rubber hood, leather collar and lots of cold chains around my body and inside my rubber pants (at my request!). The finishing touches were nipple clamps and the attachment of a leash, before Richy led me through to the lounge to show me off to SG and this girl.

At SG's feet

SG caressed me and patted my head as i knelt before Him. i wondered what He made of what He saw. He then directed me over to this girl who took command. She petted me and took me for walkies around the room, then made me sit, beg and bark, and teased my clamps. my nipples were getting very sore by this time. It felt amazing to be treated in that way and i loved every moment of it. The chains inside my pants felt good pressing up against me and, at some point, i felt a couple of bullet vibrators placed inside too. i felt extremely turned on and happy to 'perform', although i am normally quite a private person.


Enjoying this girl's petting

After a time, subspace took hold and i was ready for some quiet time. The clamps were removed by this girl (which made this puppy howl!). i was still adorned in all other areas when Richy placed a blanket over me as i curled up on the floor - completely blissed out in a deep state of contentment. i felt very loved.


Aurore said...

You are such a cute pup!

DomN8t said...

Who's a good pup then? Wish I could find the time (when the kids aren't about) for some extended play.

Anonymous said...

A little of what you enjoy is clearly good for you!

Anonymous said...

Its a shame really we had to go for dinner since you looked like you could have stayed snuggled up on the floor all day!