Monday, August 29, 2011

Sunday Bliss

Here's one for all you foot fetishists.

This was how i spent part of Sunday morning...

Restrained in the leather straitjacket.
Adorned with ankle cuffs and chains.
Hogtied by the SJ's crotch straps, toes secured with rope (about to be added).
Ball gagged, lying face down on the bed.

... just the way He likes me.

Then SG teased me with the Lelo and made me cum twice. He gave me a moment to rest, before He turned me over and had His wicked way (and He can be very wicked).

After that, i was a very lucky pup as He allowed me take control of the Lelo to pleasure myself a bit more, as He fingered me deeply. It felt amazingly delicious.

We were two very blissed out soul mates, snuggled in each other's arms.

Cute toes, huh?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

His Focus

i wanted to share another couple of photos from last month's dungeon session with E & S. These were taken by SG and we really liked them, however blurry they are!

All i know is that His focus was on me.

blue movie

bench presses

We are looking forward to meeting up with E & S again in October for a dressing-up shoot - and we can't wait!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

And They Call It Puppy Love

You'll hopefully have seen the photo of me on this girl's blog, playing as a puppy. It seemed such a natural thing to do, so when Richy, aka Captive Kink, asked me if i'd like to become a pup, Captive Kink-style, how could i refuse? He told me he'd been reading up on my blog and had come to realise how much i loved bondage, chains and puppy play.

i borrowed this girl's ballet boots and they fitted perfectly! They looked and felt awesome too. Richy helped me to see if i could stand up in them - and i did, if only for a few seconds! It was hard going on the toes though, but an achievement nonetheless. i need to buy a pair now! Then i was put back on all fours while Richy transformed me. Leather mittens for paws, ankle cuffs, the double-flap rubber hood, leather collar and lots of cold chains around my body and inside my rubber pants (at my request!). The finishing touches were nipple clamps and the attachment of a leash, before Richy led me through to the lounge to show me off to SG and this girl.

At SG's feet

SG caressed me and patted my head as i knelt before Him. i wondered what He made of what He saw. He then directed me over to this girl who took command. She petted me and took me for walkies around the room, then made me sit, beg and bark, and teased my clamps. my nipples were getting very sore by this time. It felt amazing to be treated in that way and i loved every moment of it. The chains inside my pants felt good pressing up against me and, at some point, i felt a couple of bullet vibrators placed inside too. i felt extremely turned on and happy to 'perform', although i am normally quite a private person.


Enjoying this girl's petting

After a time, subspace took hold and i was ready for some quiet time. The clamps were removed by this girl (which made this puppy howl!). i was still adorned in all other areas when Richy placed a blanket over me as i curled up on the floor - completely blissed out in a deep state of contentment. i felt very loved.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pos(ey)ing For Captive Kink

You'll find me making a guest appearance over at this girl's blog, following a fantastic weekend of fun, courtesy of her good friend - the infamous Captive Kink.

Before this, we thought it only right to firstly meet up with the man behind the website, to help us feel more at ease for our planned session of dress-up and bondage, all to be captured on camera. We arranged to meet up with CK before he headed off to BBB last month. We found him to be a very likeable, laid-back guy and enjoyed a good chat over drinks and dinner.

He mentioned he had brought a couple of items with him that appear on his website, modelled by sexy red-headed models (and much admired by us), so it was enough to tempt us back to his hotel room to investigate further.

One (of many) cute images that appears on this girl's blog is on her intro page - a Posey straitjacket. Having seen that, and as CK mentioned he had brought it with him, it didn't take me long to want to try it on. i wore it initially on its own for some private photos. i also wanted to share a photo on here, so CK placed a heavy rubber hood on me that also had flaps that zipped up over the face. It looked quite ominous at first, but it felt great.


Something else that especially catches my eye on Captive Kink's site, and again modelled by this girl, is a blue leather armbinder so i was very eager to give it a go. CK decided to complement it (much to my surprise) with a blue blindfold/gag that filled my mouth almost too much, as it slightly touched the back of my throat, but it certainly kept me quiet.


no escape

From wearing the Posey and rubber hood, i began to hit subspace so Captive Kink and SG let me float off for a time. Little did i know what our next meet with this girl might entail...

As i mentioned, you can see first photos on this girl's blog and Captive Kink will be adding more to his website. i shall try and catch up soon with some of my own here.

Friday, August 12, 2011

After Impact

It's been a while coming, and you've been so patient, but here's those anticipated photos of the impact play.

This was straight after the session:

And then they became proper bruises that i admired for almost a week.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Hit Me Baby... One (Thousand) More Time(s)

The second part of our impact play session

The session started on the cross. SG had firstly adorned me with my wrist and ankles cuffs. E took some sample photos of the space and then with me in position (but yet to be attached) to check all was well with the angle and lighting.

Setting the scene:

The dungeon was atmospherically lit with candles and Enigma played as background music. It felt the perfect setting for a newbie like me and it was time to get started. i decided to remove my boots (on S's sound advice), as i knew it could be difficult to wear them for too long, especially with the position of my legs spread on the cross. So i put on my rubber stockings instead. Any rubber against my skin always makes me feel sexier.

S turned me round to face the cross. Then each of my cuffs was clipped into place with my limbs spread. The next bit i hadn't seen coming, when S began to run some coarse rope several times around my waist (you can see it in the photo). This would prevent too much weight being placed on my hips, the longer i stood there. The roughness of the rope felt rather good against me. There was no escape from this, not that i really wanted to anyway.

As S was deciding which implement to start with, SG stood behind me and teased me by tickling my arms and waist and i tried to wriggle about. This seemed to amuse everyone. Such a tormentor, my Master! He also nuzzled and kissed my neck, while grabbing hold of my hair. E took some great photos at that moment, but i may just keep them for private! It felt delicious to be so completely out of control.

S started off with some floggers (and some hand slaps) to my bottom cheeks as a warm up. They felt quite good but not too stingy. i remember one He used was a 100 cat tail flogger. i could almost feel each one. He kept telling me to push my bottom out, as at times things became real stingy and i naturally held my body closer to the cross. He did ask nicely though! Then he passed the reigns to SG who delighted in having a go. It was difficult to see who was behind me, but i could tell the difference. And that's no disrespect to SG, as He hasn't used that many ouchie toys on me. i know that He enjoyed receiving instructions from S on the best way to use each one. And they do say practice makes perfect!

Are you hitting on me?

After a while (no idea how long), the pressure on my hips became an issue, so it was time to move to the bench. Lying on my front, my cuffs were secured down to the corners and then i felt straps tighten across my back and thighs. There was definitely no escape now, even though i tried wiggling. i love feeling restraints against my whole body.

S altered my rubber pants to expose my bottom cheeks more, so they were pressing tightly against my pussy - and things were already moist down there! (i remember he did that when i was on the cross too).

What i recall next is a bit of a blur, but there were lots of different toys used on my bottom and thighs. S would give a demo first (with a lot of effort put in) and then pass it to SG to 'test out'. Then i'd hear the encouraging(?!) words: 'try it this way' or 'turn your wrist more'.

It's all in the wrist:

At one point in play, i had S, E and SG take turns of a crop, or whatever it was, and, at SG's turn, He made me count each one and say out loud: 'Please may i have another one Sir' (luckily only 10 times). At around the fourth stroke, E kindly pointed out that i wasn't counting them, so SG started again ensuring that i did. Then He handed the command over to E who made me count out loud. And she could certainly deliver them too! S rounded off this 'sharing game' with the same enthusiasm.

Throughout the whole session, S and E would check the temperature of my bottom cheeks, and i'd hear them say: 'oh, still a bit cold here' and 'this bit could do with warming up'. So the torment and fun went on and i could feel my skin pretty pinked, if not rather reddened, after around 15 or so crops, whips, floggers and other miscellaneous items had been used.

About halfway through, i thought i might hit subspace. i was getting floaty from it all, but not fully and we had planned for me to be hooded at some stage on the bench. That time arrived and SG obliged by placing the re-breather rubber hood (minus tube, so the mouth was open) on me. It felt amazing, as it completely blocks out any light and a fair amount of sound too, which all leads to disorientating me and is a quick way for me to reach subspace.


It worked too and the session continued for some time. It's very hard to assess time in the middle of quality play. The grand finale was for S to use his 'Indiana Jones style' bull whip, and i could hear him swishing it around behind me before it struck my skin. Wow! E explained how it makes her go completely 'gushy' when S uses it on her. She said it was having that effect just by watching it being used. Then again, S said it might not just be that making her feel like that... and if it had anything to do with me, then i feel very honoured!

After another check of my bottom, i heard S say that we should wrap things up and then i felt the body straps loosen. SG removed my hood and my head was very floaty. S advised that i stay on the bench for a while and take things slowly when i was ready to sink onto some bean bags and into SG's waiting arms.

It was an amazing play and i loved every minute of it. i know that SG rather enjoyed Himself too. i have no idea how many strokes that was! i need to say that throughout the session, i never felt in any danger or concerned (and i didn't expect to). And that's the most important things with all of this - our kinks, fetishes, whatever you want to call them - you need to have trust (as well as have fun too) and we certainly have that with E & S.

Thank you guys! E - you are an amazing photographer! We did leave with big smiles on our faces. And we can't wait to see you again!

i am hoping to post more photos on my Fetlife profile in time (things are kind of busy round here!)