Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Making An Impact

The first part of our first impact play session with others.


Hosts: E & S of elves_uk (Fetlife profile)
Guests: SG and His pup

As Himself: E & S's dungeon

Our impact play session came about quite some time (real life made an appearance) after we saw E & S in Feb, when they gave us a shibari workshop. After that session, we knew we'd like to do something more with them. They put us at ease, we had a lot of fun and they were happy to be 'enablers' - meaning that they were eager to give us an experience we both wanted. With the added bonus of their basement dungeon, the natural thing was to spend some quality time in it.

i knew i wanted to try some impact play, to push my limits, but also feel what it would be like from another's hand (and vast array of toys!). Impact play with SG is not that new now, but administering pain wasn't really on SG's radar when we first started out. It's something that He is more comfortable with now, as long as He doesn't mark me permanently. i do admit to admiring any bruises or marks He makes on my body He owns, but they are usually never intended. He realises how much i enjoy pain and we've been building up the ouchie toys slowly.

i turned up at E & S's house wearing only my Westward Bound rubber bra, pants and PVC boots - all under a coat. i tottered down the street for a few seconds as we couldn't park right outside. That was a complete rush, before i'd even got through the door!

my effort was definitely worth it when S's face lit up after he asked me to 'do the reveal'. Then E appeared and was equally delighted. i felt so good and very sexy. SG was beaming too. He hadn't been able to keep His wandering hands off me before we left His flat.

The descent to their dungeon began and i was surprisingly calm and very excited. It's a fantastic space with a cross on one wall, a bench in the middle, a host of ceiling hooks and suspension equipment as well as their amazing collection of pain/pleasure (mostly pain!) implements hanging up along another side of a wall.

The torture (with a bit of fun too) was about to begin...

More details with photos coming soon.

Always good to be teased, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Surely more pleasure than pain:( S&E xx

trinity-pup said...

The pleasure was in the pain ;-)

my bottom told me so after :-)

sammy said...


i wish i could live that life, but i guess i'll just have to hang on until the next update with details!

baby girl said...

Should be an interesting read. I'm on the edge of my seat!