Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How To Sleep With 50 People

i slept with 50 people last week.

All under the same roof at the same time, tucked up in a very comfy bed that wasn't SG's or mine, for the night.

It was all in aid of a new theatre production called Lullaby, and the show is designed to literally send you to sleep.

You get escorted to bed, as long as you're wearing your PJs (no nakedness allowed) at around 10.30pm and if you don't stay awake to see the end, around two and half hours later, you certainly won't be alone.

We snuggled into bed no 21 (there were approx 25 beds arranged a middle circular stage - there was even one triple). Our bed was on the outer edge, making it slightly more intimate. Even though the bed next to us was only a few inches away, it felt cosy enough, with its little bedside lamps. But strictly no naughty business was allowed.

The show included dancing octopus, a fluffy elephant, short stories and lullabies. It didn't take long for SG to get His shut-eye, though i thought it was a bit rude after just 20 mins in. Anyway, we had a great night's sleep - and cuff-free for this pup (much to SG's dismay). You also get breakfast in the morning (not in bed though).

If you want to visualise all of this surrealism, watch this clip (i'd also sleep with the two sisters):


Anonymous said...

can i be number 51, xxx
love your blog xx

DomN8t said...

Sounds interesting, if slightly surreal!