Monday, July 18, 2011

Hood Times

This is our amazing new leather hood from Leatherotics. It has nose and mouth holes, and straps that go everywhere - across the eyes, the mouth, around the head and neck which also has a locking buckle. The leather feels very soft.

Thing is, i haven't experienced it yet. This is SG modelling it. He said it felt really good. i'm sure it won't be long before i get my turn.

Many thanks to this girl ( for recommending the site.


DomN8t said...

Always on the lookout for new toys & gear, but hadn't come across Leatherotics before!

Have fun with the hood!

I've never used a hood with my slut, what do you get out of using one?

Anonymous said...

Well never thought of a leather hood before. We use lightweight Lycra ones so maybe we will take a look. Possibly for our subs. Regards S&E

trinity-pup said...

DomN8t - nice to see you here! ;-) i get a lot out of hoods, namely going into sub-space and feeling very submissive during a scene. Sometimes with the added bonus(?) of not knowing what is going to happen to me next, if i can't see. Makes for thrilling times.

S & E - thanks for your comment. i do recommend one!

t. x

Mistress Bella said...

Hey pup,

This picture caught my eye, and I checked the site and wanted to confirm with you that this is maske 9?

M.B x

trinity-pup said...

M.B. - always good to see you here. Hope you are both well. Yes, it is maske 9 - are you treating your pup to one?

t. x

Anonymous said...

deprivation hood...