Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Bottoming From The Top - Part 2

More musings from SG:

The second scene takes place the following afternoon. In the intervening 15 or so hours I have remained in my catsuit. During that time, I’ve made pup cum hard with my fingers as a reward for her forebearance. The temperature has been just about perfect for being covered
in rubber, so sleeping the night encased in its slippery embrace has not been a problem. But now it’stime to get uncomfortably hot in our formidable leather sleepsack. It takes a fair bit of shuffling and wiggling to get me in, but
pup has slightly less of a problem securing her prisoner this time round.

With my arms trapped deep in its internal sleeves and the body straps cinched tightly around me at various strategic points, I am immobilised and definitely ready for a hood, or should I say hoods. First, on goes the Cocoon helmet with no eyeholes. My world is plunged into darkness, but I know what’s to come and I’m going to like it. Moments later my mouth zip comes open and I’m given something familiar to suck on, and I eagerly oblige – I adore sucking pup’s nipples and feeling them harden between my lips. But soon it’s time for the vacuum hood to be squeezed tightly on over the top. This really makes me concentrate on breathing slowly and steadily in order to
prevent the loose latex section on the front from collapsing on my face and cutting off the tiny holes through which I eke my air. Superbly kinky!

pup takes some photos of my enjoyable predicament and then attends to the hard member now jutting out of the strategically placed hole in the middle of the sack. she makes excellent use of her Master’s captive cock, in fact, spreading her legs and lowering herself carefully on to her human dildo. But I suspect that I’m feeling more pleasure than she is, as I’m unable to thrust up into her and seek out her G-spot. It occurs to me that this is a lazy lover’s dream scenario – just lie there and let your partner do all the work. Bizarrely, I feel guilty about this, but only for a moment as another big orgasm sweeps through me.

Wow again. That felt bloody incredible. I remain soggily supine as pup dismounts and carefully peels off both hoods. My supply of fresh air returns and I’m suddenly conscious of all the perspiration on my face and body, and it’s all starting to feel just the wrong side of uncomfortable now. It’s time to end the
session and divest myself of all my gear.

“That was awesome,” I say, finally resurrecting myself from la petite morte. "Thanks, puppy – you’re so much better than you think you are at this lark. Same time next November?"

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New to thpleasures of Pup! said...

Wow,what a rubber session,I can only dream about what it must be like. You two are so lucky to have each other,thank you for telling all.