Sunday, July 10, 2011

2 - 2

That was the score from our orgasms on our recent rubber-filled weekend - although we should point out we aren't in the habit of keeping score. It was a draw, although i drew the short straw of being bound and used, but i'm certainly not complaining.

We had an overwhelming need to get back to latex so we spent a day in our catsuits. This was followed, for me, with the leather straitjacket, worn the other way round so my arms were behind me, a latex hood, ball gag harness and to finish off, the leather harness.

Quite an overload for most, but it felt awesome for me. i was spacing out before moving to the bedroom. There, SG teased my pussy with the Lelo and His fingers. Adorned with all of the bondage, i was already soaking wet and it wasn't long before He made me cum (1-0).

After removing the harness, and always wanting to feel SG inside me, we moved onto the hall floor. With my pussy aching for Him, SG slid inside me and pumped away. Each thrust took Him closer to His orgasm which came just a few minutes later (1-1).

Not wanting me to be denied another climax, SG allowed me to play with myself. Not before He placed another hood on top of the one i had on, but having removed the ball gag harness. It felt so good to put on a show for my Master. my orgasm washed over me and i melted while SG held and caressed me (2-1).

Later on in the day, having removed my catsuit, it was time to be encased in the rubber sleepsack. A restraint we've not used that much, but is great fun. We've both spent some time inside it. SG tried it out when it first arrived. i'm sure i've written about it on my blog.

Stripped naked, i stepped inside the suit for SG to zip up and strap me in. It felt good to feel cool latex against my skin, but i soon began to warm up as the inflation of air began. It feels weird as it creeps around the body and slowly tightens against you. In the middle of doing this, SG placed the re-breather bag latex hood on me. So the combination of the two made me pretty floaty.

Through the hole in the crotch area, SG passed the Lelo for me to have some fun with. It's never very easy to get much enjoyment in that way, as the suit presses your legs rather close together. so it can be quite frustrating. Needless to say, i didn't get to cum, but i was happy in my bondage.

From being freed, except for still wearing the hood, we were thinking of getting down to it again, although i had a different plan. With SG lying beside me, i began to stroke and tease His cock. It didn't very long to get Him excited and on the edge of pleasure. He had started Himself off, so to speak, and i was only too happy to pursue His climax.

Not being able to see through the hood, His moans and murmurs told me how things were going. Of course, His big member growing in my hands confirmed things too. All very quickly, He gave a big groan and i felt His body tremble. He told me it had been a very quick transaction and had loved every second of it (2-2).

Snuggled into His arms, i felt really good that i was able to give Him that level of pleasure and release.

i can be a good pup, at times.

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New to the pleasures of Pup! said...

Hi Pup,hope you are well. This account of your rubber session just gets better! A picture (or several!) says a thousand words,hint! Said it before and I'll keep saying it-SG,you are so lucky! Here's to many more amazing rubber sessions and maybe finding a rubber loving Pup of my own one day! Take care Pup.