Thursday, June 30, 2011

HNT: Unzipped

From our recent rubber session.

Its release can be as pleasurable as the restriction it creates.

One chilled out pup.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bottoming From The Top - Part 1

SG has kindly written a post on our latest switching session.

"OK, pup. I'll explain it again. All you need to do is buckle my ankle strap loosely to start with, so that the rope down my back can actually reach it - which it can't at the moment 'cos it's too short," I say, trying manfully - and failing - to keep any tetchiness out of my voice. "Once you've tied the two together and got me hogtied, you can tighten the ankle strap as much as you like. Do you see what I mean?"

"Um. i think so," was her none-too-convincing response.

"I'm making it sound difficult, aren't I? I'd show you if I could, pup, but it's actually very straightforward. It's the only way you're going to get it to work. You do need to unwrap the ankle strap first. How did you get it all tangled up in such a bugger's muddle?"


Welcome, once again, to SG's and pup's biannual switching weekend. And,once again, it's not going especially smoothly. But it really doesn't matter. Far from it, in fact. Part of the reason for doing this is to see things from each other's perspective and realise that it's not always easy being us and performing our usual roles.

Picture the scene (the pic below helps): I'm encased in my Cocoon catsuit (have I mentioned that I'm a rubber fetishist? The look, the feel, the smell. It. All. Just. Gives. Me. The. Horn.) Ahem, anyway - back to the story. Under my direction, pup has painstakingly strapped her black leather straitjacket back to front over my latex-clad body so that my arms are crossed firmly behind me. For extra security, she has methodically applied her leather bondage harness on top. Nice touch - I'm rock hard already as she buckles the crotch strap tight. She has zipped me carefully into a rubber hood with eyes and mouth holes, and has strapped four cuffs on my ankles and thighs. So far, so stringent. Good - I want it to be as tough as possible. If it's not tight, it's not bondage.

I drop carefully on my haunches and instruct her to chain my thighs to my ankles in order to achieve a loose frogtie. Unfortunately, one of the chains breaks as soon as I test their tension. Annoyingly, it's one of the chains that I use to cuff pup's ankle cuffs together for her customary bedtime bondage

"Oi, that's one of my chains!" says pup, crestfallen.

"Whoops! Oh, bollocks. Never mind. I'll sort it out afterwards if you have some pliers handy," I mutter testily. "Use the other one there. Then use that strap to bind my ankles together." Which brings us back to the frustrating exchange at the start of the story.

After some untangling and under-the-breath-swearing, pup finally secures my ankles satisfactorily - and to that strap it she ties the cord that she has already run from the steel ring built into the straitjacket halfway up my back. I am now hogtied and frogtied.

Phew, no one said bondage was easy. Now for the gag. No tie is complete without a gag, right? Sorry, that's a silly rhetorical question to the regulars at this establishment - this is surely a case of preaching to the perverted if ever there were one!

A couple of weeks ago I'd purchased a custom-made harness ballgag for pup from the excellent Top to Bottom Leathers and made the point of making her try it out on her herself. Just as well, too, as it's a real spider's web of straps. The only trickiness at this stage is the task of stuffing the red silicone ball through the hood's small mouth hole and behind my teeth. pup is too respectful of my gnashers to really shove it home and she doesn't quite have the strength - or dommely meanness - to secure the neck strap that one crucial hole tighter. The ball is not quite in the right place, but I don't have the heart to ask her to retry. It's near enough for me. Unfortunately for her, I can still issue instructions, of course!

Despite all the hiccups (for brevity, I've not included the wild-goose chase I sent pup on to find the particular rope I wanted her to use), I am finally bound very securely - and quite uncomfortably - just in the way I had envisaged beforehand. We have now reached a point at which pup is extremely comfortable with: pleasuring her man.

she wastes no time in unzipping my manhood from its rubbery confines and goes to work on it with her hands and slutty mouth, drawing involuntary groans of pleasure from her willing prisoner. Yet it's not too long before the Hitachi wand makes an appearance. It feels astonishingly good against my glans and she brings me expertly to the brink a number of times. It feels amazing and pup is in her element. she's probably enjoying the fact that I'm not saying anything apart from: "Mmmmmm....Arrrrrgh!"

After what seems like a glorious age, pup's judicious application of the wand on my frenulum finally causes me to lose control in a big way. A rare mind-blowing orgasm.

I lie on my side completely spent and sweatily contented. Wow.

And there's a second session to cum...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Anyone For A Brazilian?

These stunning images appeared in Metro, the free national newspaper, as well as on their website this morning. They certainly put a smile on my face.

They're part of Samuel Cirnansck's collection being shown at Sao Paulo Fashion Week.

To have and to hold:

i love this image:

Inspiration for someone getting married soon?

Monday, June 13, 2011


i am soothed...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Wood You Risk It?

It had always been a fantasy of ours to find a secluded wood to take part in an outdoor kinky photo shoot, so i can safely say the last couple of 'Woods' posts achieved just that.

It all seems a bit surreal looking back at the photos, but it was so incredibly exciting with a fair amount of risk attached.

We carried out a recce over the weekends before the shoot to check out some places that SG knew of, and see if they had any potential. This one particular place seemed to and so we headed out to it in the late part of a Sunday afternoon, hoping that we wood(!) have the place to ourselves, more or less.

As we drove into the car park, problem number one arose. There were only three vehicles parked - an empty Landrover and an empty van, with a third car that seemingly had just a girl sitting in it. This was a great start, we thought. We parked up a little way from this car, and sat trying not to make it too obvious in looking over to check if this girl was about to drive off. But no such luck, as a man's head popped up from her lap in the passenger seat. No doubt they were there for some naughtiness too! We sat there for another five minutes and still their fun continued.

We decided to leave the car and head into the other side of the woods. Problem number two - i was already wearing my PVC dress underneath my 3/4 length coat which was just long enough to cover it. This meant it was a little awkward getting out of my very low sports car. SG carried the bag with my kinky boots in, so i only had my summer pumps on my feet, with bare legs. This brought about problem number three - trying not to get too scratched by the undergrowth. By this point, i had begun to wonder if this whole 'adventure' was going to be worth it. Nevertheless, we headed on up a winding path, along and over to another more secluded part of the woods.

So the photos with the tree were taken then, with me hopping about on one leg at a time to get my boots on, taking my coat off and trying to look sexy for the camera. Not the warmest of days either, but the rush of exhilaration kept me glowing. Especially so when we heard rustling in the bushes nearby (and no, it wasn't the other couple), it was just the birds.

When we made our way back down to the car park, the other vehicles had gone and we could get on with the second part of our pics. i positioned the car up close to the trees in the clearing to get the shots that were posted, although all the while, any other car could have turned up at very short notice.

It was a thrill of an afternoon, in any case. So, just watch out when you go down to the woods next time, you could find a couple in a car doing naughty things. Or you could find us, innocently taking a walk into the depths of risk.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

HNT - Lead Astray

It's been a while since i posted a HNT, so while looking through our last few photo shoots, i thought this would make a rather good example.

my new play collar, complete with my leash:

So, who wants to lead me astray?