Wednesday, May 25, 2011

If You Go Down In The Woods (Part II)

These latest photos certainly show evidence of how this sexy wood nymph made her way to the woods.

It seems she was very keen to have her picture taken. After the initial startle, she didn't really shy away from the camera at all.

Such a shame that the sun was rather glaring that day, she may well have been such a pretty thing:

And then she started showing off her bottom again...

Then again, maybe she had been inspired by those Sunday drivers in their 'flashy' convertibles, who may also be into similar shiny things.

Word has it... she's still out there.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

If You Go Down In The Woods (Part I)

Seems like a perfect place for a stroll...

Nothing to see but trees, birds and undergrowth.

Hang on, what's this rare species?

Is it local to the area?

How did it get here?

Got wood?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Seeing Red - pup's New Latex SJ!

Life has got busy again (it's all good), so this may turn into just a picture blog for the next few posts. i have so many new pics to show from our latest adventures.

Nothing wrong in that, i hope you're thinking, as i know how much you enjoy seeing a more graphic side to me, as it were (and especially helpless).

Going back to my birthday almost a month ago, i'm sharing photos of my special kinky pressie from SG - a new latex straitjacket! It's made to measure and has breast zips and crotch straps, making the wearer feel even more vulnerable. It feels awesome when i'm strapped into it and i was only too happy to model for the camera!

The front:

The back:

And this is NO ordinary latex garment - it's made with cutting-edge technology - meaning that it's red on the outside and black on the inside, without two different pieces of latex being glued together. It's made from one piece and it's from Elena's Latex (thank you, if you're reading!). SG told me it's one of the first latex garments ever made in this way and i get to own it! Lucky pup, huh?

This shows the inside:

And adorned with hood and leather harness on top:

i'd be wearing it right now, if i wasn't having to write this post...

i have many more photos to post, including an OUTDOOR shoot we braved. So please be patient, and you know how much i appreciate your comments (hint, hint).

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

How To Chain(ge) Your Pup

Getting a bit slack with my blog again, but i am sure you'll understand the reasons for that.

SG thought it would be a good idea to buy His pup a new play collar, after the demise of my previous leather one. With the arrival of my eternity collar, i can wear it 24/7, if so wished... that should read, or as He wishes. This one will be for private play (and maybe at another BBB visit in the near future).

Because we've been so pleased with the Top To Bottom leather cuffs, it seemed only right to buy the matching collar which arrived last week. He chose a locking buckle so He can use a padlock with it. It's the same width as the cuffs, so it's going to take a little time to get used to how it sits around the neck. It's padded too, which makes it really comfy.

i guess it was only right that He wanted to adorn me with my matching cuffs (and pretty PJ bottoms) and chain me up for the night. This is how i slept:

And i managed to sleep really well. i think when i do sleep in my chains, somehow it makes me feel safer.

Then again, i know i'm always safe in His arms.