Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Birthday... me


It's here! i've been having a lovely day so far. Some vanilla pressies have already been opened. i get to see SG later, for dinner at our fave restaurant, then i find out what kinky goodies He's bought me! i do know one of them is of the rubbery kind.

Then who knows what happens! i would like some birthday spanks :-)

Am sure all will be revealed in my next post.

Back to enjoying my day!

That was yummy!


Anonymous said...

aww its nearly over and no one else has wished you a happy birthday yet. Disgraceful!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Mwah xxxxxxx

Anneal said...

That strawberry looks like it could be used for SOMETHING!

Master's Azra said...

Happy belated birthday to you!!! Sorry, I have been so remiss on line at all let alone reading them or posting in mine. Hope to get back to it soon!

trinity-pup said...

Thank you my FRIENDS! :-)



beau said...

Belated Happy Birthday!


B xx